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Synonyms for cleverness

Synonyms for cleverness

intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty

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the property of being ingenious

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So, I ask, why have we not got a similar 21st century cleverness, or is it being held up by carteltype energy suppliers and too compliant governments?
In-Car Cleverness found that 84 per cent of the cars returned with dents, scratches and punctures had been rented by male drivers.
The cleverness of that film is the fact he was so charming and witty and amusing, and then you get that sort of punch in the stomach with the abortion and all that.
Generally Banksy works of art elegance grace the walls of buildings or vehicles, developing their credit as much in existence as cleverness and art.
A proper education system with good teaching should take whatever cleverness children possess and provide them with knowledge and tools to best exploit their cleverness.
Nate decides to challenge Lever to an impossible race: one only his cleverness can win.
Don't Let yourself be seduced by your own cleverness.
Victor--who is not very smart--succeeds in the challenges by being honest and kind to those he encounters calling into question our modern measures of cleverness.
They were all laughing, I presumed at their own cleverness.
CONSIDERING the Baftas Awards showcase the cream of our film industry, the luvvies' acceptance speeches are woefully bland and boring, with no cleverness or wit shown by top creative artists.
In time the word came to be used for things that are products of human skills and cleverness -- tools and machines, for example.
According to design chief Peter Horbury, 'By cleverness in design, we've been able to make it look like the wheels are further out, further forward and further rearward.
With a Bohemian look at life and the changing times throughout the twentieth century and the dawning of the twenty-first, his imagination brings much cleverness and thought for readers to feast upon.
WHILE American sitcoms become more sophisticated, rewarding viewers for their cleverness, The Green Green Grass is a bit like a comedy eye-test.
The problem is, they confuse cleverness with intelligence.