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The prosecutors said Martoma, who used the name Ajay Mathew Thomas at Harvard before changing his legal name following his expulsion, later changed his defense at Harvard disciplinary proceedings to say he had forged the transcript to show it to his parents but his brother had accidentally included it in his clerkship applications.
7) The scheme provided application and interviewing procedures that were less disruptive of routine operations, notably classes, as students could easily arrange multiple potential clerkship interviews across locales.
2% reported rotating through urology during their surgery clerkship, with significantly more students in the NMP doing urology during clerkship 92.
Yet they are facing stiff opposition from in-state medical schools, which fear they will wrest clerkship slots from in-state students.
To ensure adequate integration with the core clerkships, the pathology elective was first discussed with and approved by core clerkship directors.
Daniel "went out of his way to make my internal medicine clerkship in Wenatchee a fantastic experience.
Luckily, I was able to get the clerkship the fall before graduation," says Acquaah, who is of Ghanaian descent.
I began my clerkship with Chief Judge Lippman when he joined the Court of Appeals in February 2009.
The third-year curriculum is integrated without separate clerkship blocks.
Khawaja briefed the meeting about the concept of law clerkship to be introduced in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
An outsider might think we tell "Judge stories" simply because they are entertaining, or perhaps because they are veiled complaints in a culture in which it's considered bad form to speak ill of your clerkship.
While putting on my scrubs during my--surgery clerkship, an attending surgeon looked at me with disgust and sarcastically--bellowed, Hey, hey, hey, it's Fat Albert
Clinical clerkship in psychiatry for undergraduates at Bayero University medical school takes place during the students' 6th academic year, lasting for 4 weeks.
He speaks English, Gujarati, Hindi, and midlevel medical Spanish, and recently completed an international clerkship in Hyderabad, India, where he worked with a nongovernmental organization serving the rural population of India.
He previously served as chairman of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, with additional responsibilities as site director for General Surgery Residency, Surgical Internship and the Gulf Medical Students Clerkship.