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an educated and intellectual elite

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Clerisy publishers is a modern and innovative publisher of scientific journals which are committed to disseminating high quality research to as wide an audience as possible.
Yet the clerisy, such as Williams, had long since turned against the bourgeoisie and its doctrine of spontaneous order.
Marxism is like atheism, too (of course, it is atheism, as one may study in the reaction of the Chinese Communist Party to the Falun Gong), in appealing to a macho positivism, a minority view until the 1890s even among the clerisy, but coming into wide favor in the ethics-denying generation stunned by the Great War.
John Snyder, White Sox Journal (New York: Clerisy Press, 2009), 438-39.
Because of the dominant role of the clerisy in the intellectual life of most civilizations until recently, Huntington's (1996) approach of relying on religions is meaningful (for the past).
He has now visited 64 countries, some of them multiple times, and his mind is unclouded by long immersion in the conventional thinking of the foreign policy clerisy, with its inclination to disparage strong congressional initiatives in foreign policy.
In relation to modern literary fictions, the equivalent of the clerisy are certain writers, professional critics, and other sophisticated readers who valorize only texts that attempt to conform more closely to reality by altering or abandoning existing generic conventions and paradigms (17).
These are the clerisy, those who dominate educational institutions and the media while giving the coalition its cultural elan.
Influido por la idea saintsimoniana del poder espiritual y la nocion de clerisy propuesta por Coleridge, Mill concibe la clase letrada en un sentido amplio.
Prior to World War II, a certain genteel anti-Semitism was the norm among the European clerisy in whose company Pound traveled.
Dewey's utilitarian instructors and Buckley's orthodox instructors are not modeled on the old clerisy, sanctioned by the search for truth, but employees of the majority, whatever it may be.
The reaction to the Tea Party among the Talking Heads, the Beltway clerisy, and the anointed ones of the media made the challenge posed by that group most evident Such a protest has little to do with the Occupy movement, which is something else altogether.
Under the characteristically SEO-friendly headline, "Jews on Twitter," Huffington Post's Religion section has suggested 19 Jews, with a heavy emphasis on the clerisy, whom you should be following.
And I predict that it will change more quickly in the face of savvy and consistent leadership than through an approach that cowers in the corners for fear of offending a patriarchal clerisy.