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predacious on other insects

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During about 20 min of sampling in mid-Mar 2007, split about evenly between the 2 grass species, 22 adults of the clerid were taken on E.
patens, a grass on which we found relatively few adults One could infer from the scattered literature on this clerid that it is restricted to coastal marshes.
We did not find clerid larvae on any of the 3 grass species.
After the presence of pseudomyrmecines began to be recorded in field notes (21 Mar 2007), 16 of 23 collections of the clerid also included one or both species of Pseudomyrmex.
Studies on bionomics of the clerid also are needed, especially information on larval feeding habits.
of Environmental Biology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario) for allowing us to refer to his collections of the clerid in South Carolina, and David R.
This omnivorous aspect of the clerid beetle larva places it on the fourth trophic level in terms of inflicting mortality, while it is also a possible competitor with Pheidole ants as a consumer of plant-produced food bodies.