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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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For example, Gorman's (1983) concept of the "ecumenical library" advocated utilizing those with subject and bibliography skills (professional librarians) to provide direct services to the public, while having those with technical skills (paraprofessionals and some clerical staff) provide support services (indirect services) to the library's users and to professional staff.
Acquiring materials has traditionally fallen to those employed at the clerical or support staff level who receive requests from selectors, obtain item and publication information, create an order form manually or in electronic format, receive and check in materials, and forward a completed invoice to accounting for payment.
fiction or nonfiction trade publication monographs), by clerical support staff.
Clerical functions changed from typing, filing, and maintenance of card catalogs, to the input, editing, filing, and maintenance of machine-readable records in both bibliographic utility and in-house databases.
With our viable clerical and administrative services, many entrepreneurs, business owners, and people overall, would honestly be able to save finance and focus on creating true wealth for future longevity," said I.
Moorish Clerical Services North America plans on becoming a strong contributor to the creation of more positive wealth in North America.