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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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It permits retailers to run their business strategically rather than clerically," said Michael Campbell, president and founder of Campbell Software.
With today's inexpensive technology, he said, it's more clerically intensive to be centralized, without a reduction in manpower.
The culture of Centraal Beheer is based on trust, initiative and individuality and is rather different from other clerically based insurance companies.
The clerical portion of the manager's job can be delegated to lower paid and more efficient clerically trained people.
The Social Security Administration identifies (by machine validation) incorrectly reported numbers and then clerically resolves these cases along with those cases not reporting an SSN.
As a result, the configuration and communication of availability and subsequent orders continued to be a complex, expensive and time-consuming, clerically oriented job.
Those who join mainline churches are looking for a less clerically dominated church:
48) Although this program operated self-consciously within the church, its advocacy of what Gauvreau calls "personalist feminism" shifted Catholic attitudes away from clerically defined traditions toward new possibilities of personal freedom, especially for women.
I would mark papers clerically, delivered to the door in a big sack and laid out on a table.
Although in daily contact with his co-religionists and nationals in Tehran, Ayatollah Sistani appears to be more flexible, not wishing to bring upon Iraq the same wrath that has sometimes isolated clerically run Iran.
While educated in Catholic culture and values, members of this clerically dominated bureaucracy were simultaneously socialized into modern, rational and democratic values.
The Christian laity did recognize the centrality of clerically defined consent and its underlying intent.
The key period was the end of the nineteenth century when, in response to the spread of liberal, voluntaristic Protestantism and a demand for more practical and scientific subjects, college and university officials abandoned the clerically controlled classical curriculum and ended mandatory attendance at chapel.
The system allows managers to schedule strategically, not clerically, and to get back out onto the sales floor where they can best serve customers.
They would not only be dead wrong, they would be clerically dead.