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Synonyms for clerical

Synonyms for clerical

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appropriate for or engaged in office work

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The reason for this is not far to seek: with so many underemployed clerically trained copyists, well versed in both church and government matters, scribal intervention in texts is confident and often highly intelligent--to the extent that it can be difficult for modern editors to tell scribes from authors.
If Cullen did not seek state endowment of the clergy and church buildings, his main preoccupation in politics was to secure the public funding of clerically controlled systems of education and poor relief designed to ensure the adherence of the Catholic masses to the obedience of the church.
Yet the tyre burning, destruction and vandalism goes on, never admonished by those in the business of politically and clerically promoting a new island order - albeit from the caboose of the train to ruination.
There are also some key differences in the way the P-8 is flown and clerically employed.
Certain subjects of interest to specialists are concealed amid an accumulation of banalities and clerically motivated manipulation of the material.
The Islamic state of the Islamic C Mission Party would not be clerically run, but rather leaders such as physicians and attorneys could play a leading role.
Tavakoli-Targhi offers a pioneering analysis of the Iranian "otherization" of Babis and Baha'is, concomitant with a move in the 1320s/1940s toward a growing politically and clerically self-centered, self-aggrandizing Iranian consciousness.
17) A common motif of the clerically supported French Canadian nationalism of this period is the symbiosis of land, language and religion.
But we often forget that many of the roots of Western science are to be found in the clerically dominated universities of medieval Europe.
Like stagings in Cincinnati and New York, the production drew a colorful evangelical org protest, with clerically robed demonstrators--bearing bull-horns, bagpipes and picket signs--greeting auds and adding more spice to the spirited event.
44) In the Vulgate version, Pearsall argues, this coherence was provided by a clerically inspired 'indictment of secular chivalry'.
8) The latter is the establishment of a clerically dominated Islamic republic in yet another key player in Middle East politics, Iran, which threatened to "take away the seat of Islam from its traditional place in Arabia, making Persia the new Islamic center of gravity.
25) Perhaps for this very reason their conception of the crusade was an older one, in which a more traditional emphasis on pilgrimage had by no means been subsumed into the clerically sanctioned violence of holy war.
The younger Heloise helped her mother clerically as a junior high and high school student in the '60s, doing filing and (for a penny an envelope) opening and categorizing reader mail.
Under cover, unguided, and largely clerically unsupervised, the religion survived only at the most basic level, and was often unwittingly distorted by being combined with folk beliefs and superstitions.