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For a black clergywoman with children -- from my own womb and those who are mine because I am their pastor -- the situation became a faith call.
I once heard a Protestant clergywoman say to an ecumenical assembly, "We all know there was no Virgin Birth.
Presenter: Nancy Richards, United Methodist Clergywoman.
Clergywoman Linda Baily of Barmouth is spending three months in an international Quaker team, working alongside non-violent protesters.
One clergywoman in Suffolk started praying for rain after hearing about the plight of local farmers.
For her part, Cathy welcomed the challenge of playing a clergywoman.
Britain's most senior Anglican clergywoman and her bishop were preparing to begin a reconciliation process after peace talks with Archbishop Desmond Tutu to end a long-running dispute.
Other highlights include being interviewed for a Britain in Bloom video on Friday, a dog agility show at Coombe Abbey on Saturday and meeting a US clergywoman from Pittsburgh next Wednesday.
Presenter: Nancy Richards, United Mathodist Clergywoman.
Clergywoman Linda Baily, 59, will travel to the West Bank in September to work alongside non-violent protesters for three months.
On Tuesday, three Thais -- a Buddhist monk, a clergyman and a clergywoman -- were briefly detained after allegedly entering the temple illegally.
The Bristol-based clergywoman said: "It's very difficult for me to lead people in words of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness when I feel very far from that myself.
The cathedral has been at the focus of a long-running dispute between Britain's most senior clergywoman - dubbed Attila the Nun - and Bishop Neville Chamberlain.
Campbell is the first clergywoman to head the umbrella group of 32 Protestant and Orthodox denominations that represents an estimated 45 million Christians.