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The Wilyman family had chosen their local Llanfairtalhaiarn parish clergywoman, the Reverend Sally Rogers to lead the service.
A Midland clergywoman has won an award after being nominated by her flock of firemen.
For example, Clergywoman Two was the second woman interviewed for this study.
A fellow Christian clergywoman helpfully counts the ways.
11 How long is it expected to take a fundraising clergywoman to read aloud an entire King James bible?
He ended yesterday's tour at Westminster Abbey where he publicly shook hands with a clergywoman, the Rev Dr Jane Hedges, for the first time.
Donna Smith-Pupillo, RN, BSN, a United Church of Christ clergywoman and registered nurse.
The clergywoman, who was born and brought up in Loughborough, is a newly qualified pilot who enjoys bell-ringing, singing and circle dancing.
The three -- a Buddhist monk, a clergyman and a clergywoman -- were released later in the day and returned to Thailand.
An Episcopal clergywoman explained the liturgy before the wedding began and invited guests to participate in prayers, singing, and even the Eucharist if their consciences permitted.
A GAY clergywoman is to make history when she takes part in the country's first same-sex wedding.
As a clergywoman, this is an area that is missing,'' said Olins, clutching ``Prayer For Our Pets.
Another clergywoman commented on her solitariness: "There is not much collegiality.
A day after the shooting of a Palu clergywoman in July 2004, the Police Chief held a closed door meeting with local religious leaders and promised that the police would guarantee security for both Christians and Muslims.
IF I had any doubt in the past about women becoming vicars, they were increased by the pathetic utterings of a clergywoman in TV programme The Real Bad Girls.