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a central collection place where banks exchange checks or drafts

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Responsible for clearing nearly $2 trillion in payments per day, The Clearing House will utilize the unique capabilities of the POWER8 architecture to efficiently process millions of bank payments settled daily, in real-time, in a security-rich environment.
Under the regulations, initial and ongoing financial resource requirements for a clearing house, based on current and future risk evaluation of the clearing house's operations, have been prescribed given the critical functions being performed by a clearing house.
ICE operates London-based ICE Clear Europe, and HCH represents ICEs first continental European-based clearing house.
He said: "I have been a businessman for over 20 years and I know the importance of innovation and creativity which the Clearing House is designed to foster particularly among the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector.
The superfluity of banks stimulated the development of clearing house banks and, subsequently, clearing house associations to economize the humdrum work of check clearing.
The acquisition adds to ICE's current network of markets and clearing houses in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK and continental Europe and provides ICE with exchange and clearing infrastructure in Asia for the first time.
The Liquid Wireless team will remain in Portland, Maine, operating as part of the Publishers Clearing House digital advertising sales organisation.
As such, it is vital that we develop a relationship with a clearing house that will help us to achieve our ambitions.
In addition, major private-sector ACH operators--the American Clearing House Association, the New York Automated Clearing House, and Visa USA--have reported that their computer systems are Year 2000 ready.
Clearing House members can participate in a task force not only for Statement no.
The exchange and settlement of electronic payments in the United States are governed by a central body of rules - the National Automated Clearing House Association operating rules - with which the approximately 20,000 financial institutions in the network must comply, regardless of size.
NEW YORK -- The Clearing House Association (TCH) has released (1) a report on TCH's recently-concluded Title II OLA-Resolution Simulation exercise; and (2) a white paper detailing how Title II and the single-point-of-entry approach can be used to resolve a large, complex financial institution.
ICE Clear Europe was established in 2008 as the UKs first new clearing house in over a century and today it provides clearing for thousands of futures and options products across a wide range of asset classes, as well as Credit Default Swaps (CDS).
In line with the IOSCO principles, a clearing house will also be required to appoint a chief risk officer with segregated reporting lines for ensuring implementation of risk management policies.
Global Banking News-September 11, 2014--ICE to acquire majority stake in Holland Clearing House
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