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Synonyms for cleared

rid of objects or obstructions such as e.g. trees and brush

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freed from any question of guilt

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She was one of the stupid lowly, she and her people before her--the ones that did the work, drove their oxen across the Plains, cleared and broke the virgin land, toiled all days and all hours, paid their taxes, and sent their sons and grandsons out to fight and die for the flag that gave them such ample protection that they were able to sell their wine for twenty-two cents.
yelled the seamen to Daggoo, but with one hand holding on to the heavy tackles, so that if the head should drop, he would still remain suspended; the negro having cleared the foul line, rammed down the bucket into the now collapsed well, meaning that the buried harpooneer should grasp it, and so be hoisted out.
Also, this cleared space he kept continually free from the fast-growing vegetation.
2 : to make or become free of clouds, haze, or mist <The sky cleared.
Our relationship with HedgeStreet demonstrates our commitment to extending the spectrum of cleared products in the marketplace.