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Synonyms for clearance

Synonyms for clearance

the act or process of eliminating

Synonyms for clearance

the distance by which one thing clears another

Related Words

vertical space available to allow easy passage under something

permission to proceed

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Since the Xerox solution is connected directly to Copyright Clearance Center, we will be able to produce course packs with confidence and turn around requests with greater speed and efficiency.
The shear rate/viscosity curve in accompanying graph shows a ratio in viscosity between the channel and the clearance of about 3.
Considering the complicated process and the lack of actual need for NT dollar in mainland China, mainland China intends to open up renminbi clearance in Taiwan first and designate the Taipei branch of the Bank of China as the clearance bank.
This table provides the number of clearances for violent crimes and property crimes with a breakdown of clearances for those offenses as well as the percentage of those clearances that involved only juveniles.
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Our medical clearance policy in particular has continued to evolve to serve Department employees' needs, meet the challenges of service abroad and reflect advances in medical science.
From 2002 to 2005, the number of security clearances canceled for financial reasons jumped ninefold to 2,654.
One of the primary missions of the EHCC is engineer route clearance.
In the July Nature Medicine, researchers describe a test that enables them for the first time to track amyloid-beta production and clearance in cerebrospinal fluid in people.
But there is one condition that humans can control, and it can mean the difference between returning to a home standing as the residents left it, or losing the structure and everything housed inside to insatiable flames: Brush clearance, or what firefighters refer to as ``defensible space.
Because FBI offices are repositories of national security information, a presidential executive order requires all employees, including task force officers assigned to these offices, to have a top secret (TS) security clearance.
In July 1996, international standards for humanitarian mine clearance operations were proposed by working groups at a conference in Denmark.
Laboratory tests were conducted to determine how the sectional profile of a rotor (angle, tip width, tip clearance and number of wings) affects the mastication of rubber (Mooney reduction) and the mixing of a master carbon batch (micro dispersion) of carbon black and silica.
When DeVolpi showed the security reviewers his original, ten-year-old manuscript, bearing the official stamp clearing it for publication, they confiscated that document, seized his computer, and revoked his clearance.