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For his part, Alami said Tunisia has shown its ability to close citizens' ranks thanks to the clear-sightedness of Tunisia's political actors and its people's intelligence.
Commentators say he also impressed Western leaders during visits to Washington and Brussels last month with his clear-sightedness.
The Nobel Prize in Literature for 1979 is awarded to odysseus Elytis (Greece, 1911-1996) "for his poetry, which, against the background of Greek tradition, depicts with sensuous strength and intellectual clear-sightedness modern man's struggle for freedom and creativeness.
An example of clear-sightedness in the face of intolerance.
The emergence of postwar Germany as a bastion of democracy and tolerance was founded on the clear-sightedness of its leaders about the barbarism of the Third Reich.
She is able to sustain an argument that acknowledges the schoolteachers' admiration for the United States and simultaneous clear-sightedness about imperialism without neglecting the reality of American racism or widespread American support for Cuban independence.
The narrator--first as a young boy, next as an adolescent, then as a man--who recounts the life of the astounding activist does so with an honesty and clear-sightedness that eschews sentimentality.
Such lethal clear-sightedness, however chilling, makes for compelling reading.
Valcke requested detailed evidence in order to "examine the situation thoroughly and with clear-sightedness," FIFA said.
In order to remain true to that common legacy, build a better future for the next generations and rise successfully to the pressing strategic and security challenges confronting our peoples, we have to dedicate ourselves, with resolve and clear-sightedness, to revamping this partnership, after more than three decades of hesitation and inaction.
He highly commended the gains made in Tunisia under President Ben Ali's leadership, paying tribute to his clear-sightedness, perspicacity and forward-looking vision.
I only wish I'd been able to read it when I was going through some of the same transitions, though I doubt if I could have fully appreciated Magruder's clear-sightedness about Rick's journey of self-discovery.
Lord Patten's usual clear-sightedness was fogged by his unreasoning dislike of the late Bush Administration and its 'hopeless and dangerous' unilateralism.
They mobilised all energies and overcame all obstacles with clear-sightedness and good judgment to move into broad horizons of development and growth," notes the book.
His vivid prose (close your eyes and think of his voice), his humanity and clear-sightedness shine through.