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Funding for the cleanups are through a special budget for military bases and not from the pool of Superfund monies that cities and counties vie for, Wood said.
Chubb said the policy provides financial protection when the cost to clean up a Superfund site or other contaminated property exceeds the self-insured retention, which typically is 10% above estimated cleanup costs.
Cleanup of tank sites and groundwater, through targeted federal and state efforts, has increased under the Underground Storage Tank program and under the Brownfields program.
Cleanup of the interior of the warehouse continues, and officials should know next week whether the building will have to be demolished.
Long-awaited amendments to New Jersey's landmark Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (ECRA) have passed the state Senate and Assembly; and have been signed into law by Governor Jim Florio.
Capital River Relief 2005 will sponsor eleven days of cleanups of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers: March 31, April 1, 2 (with Alice Ferguson Foundation), 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 16 (with Anacostia Watershed Society).
The board has issued cleanup orders to seven companies so far.
Recently introduced in a bill (S-1070) the New Jersey Senate, amendments to the Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Act (ECRA) create a more business friendly" environment as the state works with industry to clean up contaminated properties.
And even then, officials maintain, the water would not meet state cleanup standards.
Environmental Protection Agency gave up the fight Wednesday for tougher standards for the cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, saying it's powerless to force the U.
Jeff Geerts, Program Planner for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said, "Since, 1998 the State of Iowa has cleaned up more than 10 million scrap tires from more than 100 illegal sites with GreenMan participating in a majority of these scrap tire cleanups over the past several years.
Data from past cleanups has shown that more than 60 percent of the debris collected on Coastal Cleanup Day originates from inland sources, the organizers said.
Ten years ago, the Commonwealth gave the private sector responsibility to clean up more than 3,000 sites contaminated by oil and hazardous materials, stopped directing cleanups, and gave newly licensed, private sector environmental engineers independent authority to remedy pollution.
Boxer criticized cuts in the number of Superfund projects and a plan to shift much of the cost burden of cleanups to taxpayers.