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Citywide cleanup Services provides quality business cleanup services, domestic cleanup services and work place cleanup services at competitive rates to each people and company Organizations.
We had proposed an interim cleanup of the burn pit as part of our overall cleanup,'' Jameson said.
Instead, the draft regulations remind applicants that the "Department may reject a request to participate in the Brownfield Cleanup Program, even if the real property meets the definition of 'brownfield site,' upon a determination that the public interest would not be served by granting such a request," an acknowledgement of the continued viability of the guidelines.
The California Supreme Court held that under a literal reading of the excess/umbrella liability policies at issue, the wording of the insuring agreement was broad enough to include coverage for environmental cleanup and response costs ordered by an administrative agency.
The Ohio EPA says that completing these large site cleanups will allow it to focus on smaller sites.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hastily concluded that Starmet was broke and has made no move to charge it for the pending cleanup.
Many of these are enormous "megasites" for which actual or estimated cleanup costs start at $50 million; the average cost for such megasites is $140 million.
The pro-growth action plan, which has been panned by environmental groups, would allow municipalites to otter grants to property owners for environmental cleanup.
The liability risks for mischaracterized spent materials may extend beyond the costs of cleanup.
Young people can help clean up those places by getting involved in a community cleanup project.
The sixth annual National River Cleanup Week is scheduled for May 10 to 17, 1997.
environmental policy encourages cleanup and development, the overall tax policy does not provide incentives for cleaning costs.
Thus, the proper tax treatment of environmental cleanup costs depends on whether the particular expenditure is for a repair or an improvement.