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a human female employed to do housework

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The cleaning lady told police that when she came to the pub she found the 43-year old drinking.
I hear that Liam Payne's cleaning lady has been busy polishing his Woody.
After the 2009 elections, the ballots and other document prepared to be sent to Sofia via diplomatic mail, have been thrown in the trash by the cleaning lady at the Washington DC Embassy and her husband because they believed the bag had been filled with old newspapers.
The most moving story is that of Ayesha, a Moroccan cleaning lady in France who had to abandon her passion for books because her family pulled her out of school when she was 12 and by the time she was 18, got her married to a man who eventually deserted her.
had arrived to the country early in August to work as a cleaning lady, with the aid of her compatriot, A.
50pm Mike Leigh's 1950-set drama centres on a magnificent heartfelt performance from Imelda Staunton as a kind cleaning lady who maintains a discreet sideline in performing illegal abortions.
Twiddles and a determined, empowered cleaning lady named Clara, who has Very Special Powers that enable her to understand and speak to cats.
His cleaning lady noticed he couldn't get inspired and said he should paint her.
I therefore made her problem my problem: I suggested that I arrange to bring over my own extremely proficient and cheerful cleaning lady, Sarah.
I could read his face: 'What would the cleaning lady know?
A Romanian cleaning lady had been given a second job in the school that she works at - as a substitute teacher.
Danaher the DRIP driver has chauffered me from one disaster to the next this summer, while poor Mrs Rolfe, the cleaning lady, has been in tears as I recalled the baby baa-lambs dying in my arms at Pirbright, or sticking my fingers into dykes in Worcestershire, asking the moo-cows in Essex to say "aah", and administering Lem-Sip to the collected fowl of Diss.
Characters include the husband of a Korean war bride who doesn't wish to westernize, the cleaning lady in Madame Curie's laboratory who shares her employer's fascination with radium, an ignorant British ex-pat living in Asia who discovers she will not be invited to the prince's annual gala, a married pair of circus performers who yearn to make love standing on their heads, a scientist in an imperiled commune of like-minded idealists, a slick fire eater in a traveling tent show, the conflicted teenage daughter of a high-profile evangelical right-to-lifer, and others.
At first, nineteen-year-old trailer park resident Grace Place enjoys amorous trysts with her lover, Lenny Bean, more than anything else; but urged by her mother to seek fame and fortune in New York City, she works as a cleaning lady for the wealthy Betty Ann Houseman.