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fine-grained rock consisting of compacted clay particles

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Claystone reaching 10 m in thickness and sandstone beds reaching 60-70 cm in thickness are observed along the section.
is interpreted to exist within the claystones of the Middle Jurassic
A structure contour map constructed using the claystone bed dividing the upper and lower Porters Creek Formation as a marker bed, suggests a positive structure west of Walnut (Walnut Anticline) with a northerly trend.
2-mile loop with a boardwalk that crosses the colorful claystone.
The top of the North Bliudziai reef (Bliudziai 150 well) is sealed with laminated marls and claystone (Figs 3, 6).
The Miocene series consist of thick blue claystone and marl and the Pliocene beds of micro conglomerate, sandstone, sand, clay, gravel and a mixture of these layer thickness ranges from 10 to 50 cm in these series.
The 750-ton and 110m long TBM with its trailing backup equipment is used to drill through mixed ground conditions of dolomitic siltstone, claystone, mudstone, and gypsum without incident.
This formation comprises alternating sandstone and claystone, intercalated with limestone.
The sediments of the Turtle Butte Formation were deposited in a fluvial system, specifically a meandering stream system evidenced by the conglomeratic sandstones of channel deposits and the large number of siltstone and claystone units representing floodplain deposits.
In the Wallatin Creek Catchment, Salama (1997) describes coarse infill successions, with 20m of conglomerate, sandstone, claystone, and minor peat, and attributes a Pliocene to Holocene age to these sediments.
5 m alternating quartz sandstone and claystone outcrop of Hartselle Sandstone occurs near Homewood, Alabama.
This currently informal formation (no description outside of the 1996 Open-File report has yet appeared; see Salvador 1994:23) was described as a white calcic claystone and clayey limestone, with two distinct subfacies: 1) green claystone, and 2) channel fill deposition in degradational channels.
The alternative mechanism for the development of the valley anticline is that of tilting of the strata on the valley sides from bulging due to flow of the Cherokee Group shale and claystone toward the axis of the developing valley.