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a hammer with a cleft at one end for pulling nails

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For "Echo," the mission was to take their double banjo combination of three finger and clawhammer styles "to the next level and find things to do together that we had not done before," Fleck says.
Ladin sings and plays infectious clawhammer banjo, while Terry is a master percussionist.
Roberts who then lived near Haw River, NC, apparently learned to play the banjo from his uncle who raised him and he also plays in the clawhammer style.
Learning clawhammer banjo is hard, and because of this, Martin was willing to look forty years into the future for the payoff--a recognition of the frustrating months of hard work and mediocre playing ahead.
It's an old-time Appalachian-style ballad, featuring clawhammer banjo and moaning fiddle, which tells of a little girl who meets a brutal death at the hands of an "evil cousin.
Take old time clawhammer banjo tunes backed by open D Irish-style guitar, add some harmonica and a little bit of fiddle and that's pretty much us.
Along with being rust proof and non-corroding, the eXtreme Plastic Lockers[R] are exceptionally hard wearing, and the doors can resist break-in attempts with a clawhammer.
The African Diaspora is only one of multiple musical roots that Crosspule Percussion Ensemble eagerly embraces (there's even an Afro-Cuban song with clawhammer banjo).
Identical twins Charlotte and Laura Carrivick play original songs on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, dobro and clawhammer banjo and sing tight harmonies that only siblings can achieve.
For the growing army of banjo players--many of whom, despite countless gags to the contrary, can and do read--this is essential and enlightening reading, and will perhaps encourage a few more two-finger pickers to counteract the unrepresentative dominance of clawhammer players in the old-time revival scene.
Unless you're a crack fiend or play clawhammer banjo, there's no need for your nails to be that long.
He then kept her prisoner in his home overnight, sexually abusing her, battering her with a clawhammer and throttling her.
on the five-string banjo in a style called clawhammer.
Pc Karl Bluestone used a clawhammer to bludgeon to death his wife Jill Bluestone, and two of his three children, Chandler, 18 months and three-year-old Henry in August 2001.