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Doyo's typically edifying piece on the religious who fought Marcos tyranny (Opinion, 9/21/17), I did not see the name of Igorot Jesuit Bishop Cisco Claver.
Bishop Claver fought martial law from early on, along with Bishop Julio Labayen.
Bedan lawyer Bill Claver was my ROTC drillmaster, a ConCon delegate who helped Ka Tanny Tanada and Ka Pepe Diokno seek justice for martyr Macliing Dulag, whose story Ceres also knows and wrote about only too well.
Let us all rejoice in the Lord and keep festival in honor of the Peters and Pauls and Andrews, the Benedicts and Francises, the Scholasticas and Clares, the Peter Clavers and the Roses, the Dorothy Days and Thomas Mertons, the Mother Teresas and Katharine Drexels, the martyrs and confessors in our midst.