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a person who creates classifications

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a word or morpheme used in some languages in certain contexts (such as counting) to indicate the semantic class to which the counted item belongs

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Lot 1 - ammonium nitrate or equivalent (classifier dk 021: 2015 (cpv): 24410000-1 - nitrogen fertilizers)
For legibility, while following most of the existing literature in this area, we assume that the learner uses a classifier for its prediction mechanism.
This component generates class activation map (CAM), which is known as heat map, that notifies impact area based on which the classifier predicts.
(NASDAQ: VCYT) has received regulatory authorisation from the New York State Department of Health to offer the Envisia Genomic Classifier for patients in the state effective immediately, the company said.
This classifier assesses specific metabolites, types of bacteria, functional pathways, and other factors.
The integrated classifier demonstrated sensitivity, specificity, and a negative predictive value of 97, 44, and 98 percent, respectively, in distinguishing benign from malignant nodules.
Developed to replace the traditional wet separation process that often consumes millions of gallons of water daily with a dry process that needs no water, the pneumatic air classifier system harnesses gravitational, inertial, centrifugal and aerodynamic forces at the same time to separate particles at any cut point from 300 pm to 63 pm (50 to 230 mesh).
Table II shows the result of the eight classifiers. The first column represent the classifier name, the second column represents true positive recognition rate for malicious and normal exe files, TP, which is called sensitivity.
It constructs a link prediction classifier that can estimate, with high accuracy, the probability of a link existing between two users.
Classifier A was identified through sequence alignment, which was a combination of 10 successive numbers --"1000000000." It was derived from standard deviation values of Sa[O.sub.2] variation under Classification I.
The m models are trained using a base classifier with these m bootstrap (random sampling with replacement) samples.
For audio announcement detection, a method based on audio segment classification and postprocessing is proposed, which uses a SVM classifier trained on audio announcements and environment noise collected in banks.
Finally, to improve the performance of classifier we decided to use cross validation for movie as well as product review datasets.
In such a situation, gammatone cepstral coefficients may improve the performance of an underwater classifier system, since they are found to be effective in additive ambient noise scenarios [2].