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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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Lockyer spokesman Tom Dresslar said any claims the attorney general is trying to influence the class-action lawsuit in San Diego are ``completely without merit.
Multistate class-action litigation is infringing on the authority of state insurance departments, said Larry Mirel, Washington, D.
Proposition 211 would have allowed plaintiffs' lawyers to put together class-action claims similar to Securities and Exchange Commission 10b-5 class actions with no statute of limitations and no limits on lawyer's fees.
The Consumer Protection Working Group is studying the issue of whether class-action lawsuits infringe on the regulatory jurisdiction of commissioners.
Once considered a key to the courthouse door, the class-action system has been perverted into the class-action lawyers' key to the legal lottery.
Staller specializes in the analysis of damages in personal-injury and wrongful-termination matters, including damages in complex mass-tort and class-action litigation.
Another reform issue introduced in 2000 would allow state class-action lawsuits to be tried in the federal court system.
If it's not a shareholder winding up with pennies in a settlement or a corporate chief who spends millions to defend the suits, then it's a politician who is complaining about class-action lawsuits.
But others voiced opposition, contending that they did not wish to be represented by the ACLU, nor to be a part of a class-action suit.
The Class Action Fairness Coalition is a group of companies and business organizations dedicated to making America's class-action lawsuit system simpler, fairer and faster.
Among the misleading headlines Lisoni pointed to were the Nashville Tennessean article titled "Judge Throws Out Class-Action Claim Against Firestone" and the article published by the Miami Herald titled "California Judge Won't Make Steeltex Tire a National Class Action.
Florida's Fourth District Court of Appeal today reversed a trial court's ruling that certified a class of all current and former smokers who purchased Marlboro Lights and Ultra Lights cigarettes in Florida, saying the case did not meet the legal requirements for class-action treatment.
A federal judge in Nevada has denied class certification in five cases filed by smokers against Philip Morris USA, and the company believes the decision could have a significant impact on similar class-action requests pending in Nevada and elsewhere.
Class-action attorneys Lisoni & Lisoni announced today the filing of their motion to certify a nationwide class of consumers who own allegedly defective Firestone Steeltex (R4S, R4SII, or A/T) tires.