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a list issued by examiners that categorizes students according to the class of honours they achieved in their degree examinations

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So, all students get a class list with the names of all the students.
I kept my class list each year, and as I read or heard about any achievement a child made, I would send a note acknowledging it.
For a map, class list and fee chart, check the ADHA Web site: http://www.
Whatever the administrative task -- looking at a student's transcript/course history for advising, getting an up-to-date class list, or entering grades -- they can do it from their office, classroom, home or (in some cases) even from other countries.
If in London or planning a trip there, call ahead for the one-day class list at 44 0 207 940 8300.
The Antwerp/London glossary is made of three components set down in perceptible lawyers: first an a-order alphabetical list, next an a-b-order alphabetical list, and finally a class list (a list categorized by subject).
These various examples offer a basis for children to cite their own personal examples for fractions; they might keep a class list of foods that are typically divided into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and so on.
For drugs within classes, sometimes the user's choice must be reselected from the class list.
The rapper was then featured on French Montana's 2016 song "Lockjaw" and was also named to XXL's 2016 Freshman Class list.
But Joyce spotted the story last Saturday and has come to the rescue, providing us with an almost complete class list.
I prepare a folder containing my daily and weekly schedules and assignments, plus opening, attendance, and dismissal procedures, fire drill directions, the class list, seating chart, and a list of students who need special attention.
Illingworth is one of six reserve umpires seeking the four vacancies on the first class list when John Hampshire, Mervyn Kitchen, Alan Whitehead and David Shepherd retire at the end of the season.
Organisers of the event are TGW Exhibitions and they believe they have put together a top class list of exhibitors, blending some top national companies with local firms - all on the recruitment trail.
Based on the popular Classic model, the A+ scores highly with a first class list of extra equipment: air conditioning; a factory fit audio 10 single CD player; special 5J x 15" six spoke alloy wheels; and two exclusive metallic paint colours - Galaxy Black and Lunar Silver - are all standard.
His class list is small - only a handful of students - so he can provide individual instruction.