class action

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a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

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In addition to the Radioshack class action, two other class actions have been filed that implicate the Communications Excise Tax (Rosenberg v.
Does it matter what kind of class action is involved?
The group will urge the committee to support legislation to close legal loopholes that allow class action abuse to thrive in Madison County.
Here's how one federal appellate judge, John Nangle, described the current class action problem in a concurring opinion he filed as part of a recent decision that reluctantly sent a large interstate class action back to state court.
While the goal was originally to serve victims by streamlining the civil justice system, the evidence is clear that in most class actions, Americans are actually being victimized by their own lawyers.
These results and more are in the inaugural annual class action survey from the law firm of Carlton Fields.
By obtaining denial-of-class certifications on potential class actions and by securing the outright dismissal of these cases at the preliminary pleading stage, many insurers have defeated vanishing-premium lawsuits long before trial.
George Wade, a Fresno equipment-leasing manager, said he was happy with the results of a shareholder class action involving Industrial Leasing Inc.
The nationwide class action was filed in 1983 and includes thousands of public and private school districts in the United States.
If you are interested in learning about class actions in general or in monitoring the progress of a recently filed class action, such as the one filed against International Rectifier Corporation (IRF), Toll Brothers, Inc.
What reform would do is to restore class actions to their original intent, where there is a group of people who actually were wronged and whose claims could be adjudicated swiftly"
Stano will focus his practice on complex commercial insurance and financial services class action litigation.
Its share price has fallen more than 60% since April 1999, and the threat of a class action or a massive product recall would drive the stock into the ground.
Carol Zacharias, Senior Vice President and Counsel, ACE Professional Risk, discusses her white paper, recently published in The John Liner Review: "Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance," and provides corporate risk managers with an informative overview of the trend toward unprecedented securities litigation settlements, the factors driving it, and the potential consequences to companies thus affected.