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something that purifies or cleans

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In addition, Hager + Elsasser will convert two existing clarifiers into a combination of high-load biological treatment process BIOFIT.
The infrastructure is subject to continual chemical exposure and heavy abrasion that deteriorate concrete and corrode steel in clarifiers, containment pits, anaerobic digesters, manholes, tanks, and other infrastructure assets.
The use of latest generation clarifier Millad NX 8000 allows a reduction in moulding temperatures compared to previous generation clarifiers.
Mais, precise-t-il, la priorite a ecraser Daech, veut dire que nous devons clarifier nos buts de guerre avec les Americains, avec nos partenaires arabes, mais aussi avec les Turcs et avec les Russes, il faut s'y mettre tous.
This infrastructure investment demonstrates our strong and unyielding commitment to our customers and the clarifier industry and our intention to remain a leading global player for the future," said Allen Jacoby, Vice President, Plastics Additives, Milliken & Company.
Waste activated sludge is periodically removed from the secondary clarifier and conveyed to an onsite, 68,000-gallon, aerobic digester.
fabricating a pilot clarifier and making adjustments based on the effluent of this system to mimic the actual system.
Before this project, we ran effluent through a clarifier, which just takes out the solids, but it does not take out any of the dissolved wood components that are in the effluent," she explains.
In wet scrubbers, the product can be added to the clarifier, prior to the filter or sludge dewatering unit.
While that water then goes into a clarifier, it is possible some water may eventually drain into the streambed, he said.
The existing secondary clarifier is to be converted into a denitrification tank.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals has introduced Irgaclear XT 386, a "next-generation" clarifier for polypropylene that provides excellent clarity at low concentrations.