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Synonyms for clarification

Synonyms for clarification

the act or process of removing physical impurities

Synonyms for clarification

an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

the act of removing solid particles from a liquid


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1 on Tax Conventions and Related Questions for comments on proposed clarifications in the Commentary to the OECD Model Tax Convention on some aspects of the permanent establishment (PE) concept, which were published on 12 April 2004, and would specifically include in the Commentary some widely accepted interpretations of the concept held by the business community.
The good news is that HCFA offered numerous clarifications that are important to front-line providers who have the daily responsibility for assessing Medicare patients and documenting their skilled care needs.
Although several of the important policy clarifications are highlighted below, careful review of the final rule is needed to identify and then implement each policy clarification.
Although several months have passed since HIPAA's tax clarifications went into effect, it is too early to predict the extent to which these will spur demand for private long-term care coverage.
For employers, the long-term care tax clarifications mean that any employer contributions toward an employee's longterm care insurance policy can now be deducted as a business expense.