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Synonyms for clarification

Synonyms for clarification

the act or process of removing physical impurities

Synonyms for clarification

an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

the act of removing solid particles from a liquid


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Under the clarification, if an officer stops someone who has a conviction for a violent felony, say, one of those nasty Mara Salvatrucha gangsters who's been deported but has evidently returned illegally to the United States, the officer may indeed arrest that hoodlum for immigration violations if for no other reason.
Rossi sent the following letter to Jeffrey Owens, Head of the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration concerning the proposed clarifications of the definition of permanent establishment under the OECD's Model Tax Convention.
Although initially many SNFs believed that a prospective payment system would provide guaranteed coverage for the full interval between assessments and that daily assessments of skilled needs were unnecessary, HCFA's clarification in Transmittal 405 asserted that daily assessments of skilled care were still necessary.
As a consequence of this clarification, the Service can be expected to abandon its current litigating position, thereby allowing corporations to amortize such loan costs without the threat of challenge.
Francisco Rivera, president of the National Central American Roundtable, asked the Police Commission to ``postpone the adoption of the clarification because of the climate of fear'' generated by actions like those in Orange County and Congress.
Employers already have accounted for a significant number of sales, and the incentives contained in tax clarification provisions are likely to create even more growth in the employer market.
For clarification on how we rate CSCO a WEAK BUY, please visit:http://www.