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a group of followers hired to applaud at a performance

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Tetes a Claques also makes its DVD debut this week and is expected to be a huge seller on its home turf.
It featured no coterie, no pandering to the claques.
He highlights the "mutability of opera" (2) from rehearsals to early performances and revivals, and "vagaries" (33) affecting operatic production and reception, from theatrical policies, systems, and etiquette to the roles of audiences and claques.
He describes the many borderline practices of music publishers, paying artists to record songs, placing claques at performances to applaud vigorously when a song was performed, giving royalties to artists who had no hand in writing a song, etc.
Or I could argue that academe sustains all manner of cliques and claques that produce verbiage that Tolson rightly dismisses as "professional feather display," and that most of those cliques and claques are not Wittgensteinian.