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a group of followers hired to applaud at a performance

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Unfortunately, the Merseysiders had Jenny Claque on leg five and the England international posted the fastest time of the day to give Liverpool a two-minute advantage going into the final stage, an advantage which proved too difficult to overcome.
Kippenberger's Cologne-based claque can serve as models for Althoff's musical pursuits, especially his band, Workshop; the same goes for his avowed attraction to "collectives.
But nothing equals the astounding tact with which his claque on the press bus avoids the topic of McCain's collaborating with his Vietnamese captors after he'd been shot down.
L'Italie devra donc s'y frotter des les demies, la joue encore rouge de la claque recue en finale de l'Euro-2012 (4-0), quand le Bresil affrontera selon toute vraisemblance l'Uruguay.
The revolutionary claque said the rest of the world was untrustworthy and would undoubtedly just pocket Iran's 1,200 tons and never send Iran the fuel plates.
Tel Aviv, leading members of the Congressional "war party" and the influential claque of neoconservative journalists are free to join forces and work overtime to torpedo the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal with Iran.
No se trata de tener una claque que festeje la critica ejercida desde el pulpito del entrenamiento, ni de politicos tratando de anularla con mensajes en Twitter.
Citing a fringy claque of "researchers," Chipotle denies the broad and strong scientific consensus that genetically modified foods are safe to eat and fine for the environment.
Cuando me presente ya estaba en una escuela de comedia musical, cantaba, bailaba claque, jazz, interpretaba .
Ce jeudi, l'isolationnisme du President Trump qui, depuis son arrivee a la Maison Blanche, a remis en cause plusieurs institutions internationales, a encore fait parler de lui quand les Etats-Unis, en denoncant la politique [beaucoup moins que]anti-israelienne[beaucoup plus grand que] de l'UNESCO (Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'Education, la Science et la Culture), ont claque la porte de cette institution et invite cette derniere, dans un communique emanant de leur Departement d'Etat, a entreprendre [beaucoup moins que]une reforme en profondeur[beaucoup plus grand que] et a reviser [beaucoup moins que]ses partis-pris anti-israeliens persistants[beaucoup plus grand que].
La claque magistrale de Patrice Bergamini a Rached Ghannouchi , faut-il le remarquer aussi, ne concerne pas qu'Ennahdha.
His progress had been helped along by Tommy Cox with his claque who were in court, laughing or applauding at every Bottomley sally.
Unfortunately, he also wants to vilify the latter as a claque of clones.
The Journal's editorialists chimed in on February 26, 1992: "Notwithstanding the claque that seems to view endowment funding as a political |right,' we think that a government agency that puts its money on the line has the right to make judgments about a work's value.
J'oserais dire que l'Eglise diocesaine de Rimouski, clerge et laics confondus, aurait sans doute ete l'une des premieres au pays a endosser le sacerdoce des femmes si Rome n'avait pas maladroitement claque la porte.