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a group of followers hired to applaud at a performance

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This marathon is being played simultaneously and in real time by bankers and politicians in all Europe's capitals, while a claque shouts "two weeks to save the euro" over and over again.
I have known since adolescence--though in Soviet Russia it was all a bit hard to believe, these United States of ours being, after all, the Manichaean pole of Light--that Edgar Allan Poe was completely unknown in America and would have perished in obscurity had he not found a literary agent in Charles Baudelaire and a vociferous claque in Baudelaires milieu in France.
According to the renowned 20th-century social scientist Cher Horowitz, who noted as she breezed past a claque of swarthy, cell-phone-wielding beauties encased in the finest gold chains and stretch leather money can buy, in the opening montage of Clueless: "You can't hang with them unless you have a BMW and a Mercedes.
The remaining four questions were little more than political stabs at the president: 1) how can he justify his refusal for a week to accept Khamenehi's reinstatement of Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi, who had been fired by the president; 2) why did he make a statement saying the Majlis was not on top of matters; 3) why does he decline to denounce the "deviating current," the term used by his critics to describe the claque around Ahmadi-nejad; and 4) why did he damage the country's prestige and humiliate Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki by firing him while he was on an official trip to Senegal.
In "Seen, Unseen," for example, the advice of Paul in the epigraph ("We do not fix our gaze on what is seen but on what is unseen"), leads to close study of single moments in the natural world: a heron entering and taking leave of a pond; the discovery in the Sierra Mountains of "the shimmer and claque / of white-silver petioles in the breeze"; and three insects--moths drawn to light, greenhead flies "that light--and bite" far out in the bay, and a dragonfly "poised on the halyard in a stiff nor'easter.
Asi y todo, le vi zumbarse de lo lindo con castristas cubanos y espanoles en el memorable pandemonio que puso fin al Congreso de Intelectuales de 1987, celebrado por todo lo alto en el Palau de la Musica de Valencia, acontecimiento un tanto comico que precedio a la perestroika, y en el que Semprun, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Carlos Franqui, Vargas Llosa y Savater, entre otros, se liaron a bofetadas con la delegacion cubana presidida por Manuel Barnet, Pablo Armando Fernandez y Lisandro Otero, apoyada por la claque de los comunistas de Ignacio Gallego, y mas o menos capitaneada por Paco Kabal (yo, que me hallaba en el escenario, no pude intervenir en la bronca porque ponia todo mi esfuerzo en contener a Octavio Paz, que pugnaba por lanzarse al patio de butacas baston en ristre).
But it evidently pleased his producers and his conservative claque.
The first of these is comprised of 13 short articles covering a veritable smorgasbord of disparate topics such as operatic orchestral music, the singing voice, the castrato or male soprano, the operatic claque, concert pitch, elements of music, ballet, the construction of opera houses and scenery, and persons connected with opera.
A cute little workshop musical that was inoffensive in its downtown setting catering to its downtown claque, "[title of show]" stands pathetically naked on Broadway.
McCain gets soft treatment from the claque on his press bus, but the going could rapidly get rough for him.
Solo un genial artista del humor como Woody Allen podria concebir una obra musical ambientada en la Viena de fin de siglo, donde Kafka ejecuta un numero de Claque, y Alma Mahler es infiel a Gustav Mahler, a Gropius a Kokoschka, a Klimt, a Schiele, a Wittgenstein y a Popper.
Perhaps even the claque doesn't know for sure, but was willing to give its eminent speaker the benefit of the doubt merely on the grounds that the Republican party is in the Congressional majority.
But the problem with the claque which surrounds Tony Blair - and it's not just Prescott - is that they become detached from reality.
Besides the musical and theatrical professionals one might expect, a whole army of other people also had their indispensable roles to play, including censors, the claque, instrument makers, and the police.