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a percussion instrument consisting of a pair of hollow pieces of wood or bone (usually held between the thumb and fingers) that are made to click together (as by Spanish dancers) in rhythm with the dance

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Whoever made the ridiculous decision to introduce clappers at this game, well they won't be doing that again," he said.
Whoever made ridiculous decision introduce clappers game, well they doing that again.
The derby was held up repeatedly as free cardboard clappers, put on every seat at St Andrew's by the hosts, were hurled at players.
152) See generally Jacobus & Watson, supra note 6, at 50-61 (arguing that many, but not all, lower court decisions applying Clappers "certainly impending" test in data breach cases have required more evidence of imminent harm from the breach than many pre- Clapper decisions).
Clappers conclusion that future harm and present costs incurred are inextricably linked only reinforces this view.
Two of the biggest hits on the day were the Sunday Mail's clappers and our sporting hero Hot-Shot Hamish.
If there were ever a place in New York to find such items as an artificial horizon, beam compass, hand cast brass ship bells with iron cast clappers, books, charts, boat-swains' whistles, maps and foghorns, it is New York Nautical," explains Ms.
Dressed in Victorian and other period costumes the youngsters, armed with clappers and singing along as they marched through the streets, called at a shop where they were given Easter eggs.
Bachu Khan Langa, Musafir's exquisite vocalist and percussionist, employed a pair of wooden clappers to weave a mesmerizing gesture dance as far around his seated body as he could reach.
Essentially, jingxi came into being as a mixture of southern dramatic traditions and clapper opera (an opera form in which clappers provide an essential musical feature), and it is characterized by elaborate and stylized costumes and makeup, spectacular dance and acrobatic routines, a limited melodic range, lyrics in more colloquial language, and musical accompaniment that emphasizes percussion instruments.
The bells and clappers can be bisque fired when dry.
This Section contends that Clappers majority opinion, dissent, and footnote 5 reflect the three competing lines of doctrine for fear-based injury.
NORWICH will be going like the clappers to beat relegation rivals West Brom in the big six pointer at Carrow Road today.
In addition, the carillon's mechanism, frame, keyboard, and bell clappers are being replaced.
BY PETER LAYTON NORWICH will be going like the clappers to beat relegation rivals West Brom in the big six pointer at Carrow Road today.