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Synonyms for clapboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

cover with clapboards

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If the woodpeckers are looking for insects seeking shelter from the winter in the clapboards, your daughter may want to try a system given to me by my longtime entomologist friend that has worked quite well.
With the posts or staves getting farther and farther apart horizontal clapboards or weatherboards needed intermediate support between these principal vertical load bearing members.
Cost estimate per square foot to remove existing clapboard siding and install fiber-cement siding:
When either approach is used with clapboards or lap siding, the end grain of every other piece of siding is left exposed, so the wood must be carefully sealed to prevent it from absorbing moisture.
My clapboards are slightly convex, so it took me three swipes--top, middle and bottom--to strip each clapboard.
He takes a sweet and clapboards close around Them once again--they somewhat breath-bound Still from when they wandered Milano together For thirty seconds, and were lovers.
the walls, the shudder of the furnace, as though a hundred thousand bottle-flies were trapped between the clapboards and the plaster.
They instead wanted to use the trees in homes: for wainscotting, paneling, clapboards, furniture and other wooden products of the day, Clark related.
Monogram 46L is available in 12 of the most popular Monogram siding colors and features a Rough Cedar Finish, molded from real cedar clapboards.
Replacement of any rotted sills and clapboards on building.
The exterior design calls for a simple New England-style hotel with clapboards, painted trim and the signature chimneys, much like the previous four Glen Houses.
It was in 1861 - while some Millbury men answered the call to preserve the Union - that some other Millbury men quarried the granite blocks for the school's foundation, fashioned the red cedar clapboards to keep out the elements, and erected the bell tower to call scholars to their lessons.
Capizzi also uses the brushed-finish Monogram Double 4-inch profile, which mimics the appearance of smooth, painted clapboards.
Prepared to walk away from her lot purchase over that issue, Myers eventually convinced the board that SmartSystem[TM] siding not only effectively replicated the look of traditional wood clapboards, but also out-performed them and delivered superior curb appeal.
Clapboards and boom mikes common to live-action film sets are also seen.