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Synonyms for clapboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

cover with clapboards

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If the woodpeckers are looking for insects seeking shelter from the winter in the clapboards, your daughter may want to try a system given to me by my longtime entomologist friend that has worked quite well.
With metal, we were able to simulate the residential look of oversized clapboard and board and batten panels," Smith says, adding that the styling was further reinforced through the use of a custom yellow finish and some 34,500 square feet of patina green aluminum roofing.
This courthouse consisted of a two-story woodframe building covered with clapboards, resting on a foundation of stone blocks, that measured fifty by thirty-eight feet for a total floorspace of about 3,800 square feet.
Just as the paint leaps off the brush onto clapboards that have gone fifty years unpainted and disappears into them almost with a slurp, so the words of these two who lie talking with mouths almost touching seem to pass from one mouth into the other without any sound except small lip-wetting smacks.
They instead wanted to use the trees in homes: for wainscotting, paneling, clapboards, furniture and other wooden products of the day, Clark related.
Monogram 46L is available in 12 of the most popular Monogram siding colors and features a Rough Cedar Finish, molded from real cedar clapboards.
She reported that Phase I of the restoration has been completed, with the painting and replacement of the clapboards on the front of the building.
Clapboards and boom mikes common to live-action film sets are also seen.
When the ramp and clapboards were removed to get a better look at the problem, it was discovered the sills along the north side of the church and part of the front of the building were rotten, and in some places, cracked and collapsing.
A: What's authentic: wood clapboards, wood shingles, vinyl, stucco, brick?