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Synonyms for clamp

Synonyms for clamp

a device (generally used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together

fasten or fix with a clamp

Related Words

impose or inflict forcefully

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Based upon a vacuum clamp made by V-Clamp and sold online by Lee Valley Tools, the clamp works with compressed air to hold flat items very securely.
We know that polymerases and clamp loaders can't bind the sliding clamp at the same time, so the hypothesis was that clamp loaders latched sliding clamps onto DNA, then left for some time during DNA replication, returning only to unlatch the clamps after the polymerase left so they could be recycled for further use," he added.
Some woodworkers keep a stack of bricks in the shop for those times when weight is better than clamps.
This is cost-effective approach which uses off-line optimisation of the clamps location and on-line adjustment of clamping forces.
Here, we look at two common transport rail board support systems: "top clamp" and "edge clamp.
The clamps were originally developed for use in the Boeing 787 and combine the injection moulded PEEK with an over-moulded silicone rubber cushion.
The clamps are made of high-grade plastic and because they're lighter than steel ones, no extra stress is put on what you're clamping.
The clamp arm lengths are 42 and 48mm, respectively, and are complete with a tapped hole on the clamping arm for provides knife edge, slot, uniforce, toe, low profile, and expansion clamp designs.
New from NewAge Industries are its clamps in 3 different fitting attachment styles.
Mechanics, tie rod clamps that are pointed the wrong way can do a lot of damage.
Standard features: Modular design includes 12 clamps and 11 injection units; proportional valves, variable-volume pump for clamping, ejection, core-pull; controls with self-diagnostics and SPC.
Clamps are used in a number of different applications to hold items in place or secure items.
Their clamp designs enable the rapid fabrication, delivery and installation of clamps to fit all pipeline sizes and pressure ratings.
The clamping components use standard round and square tubing, with single-piece split clamp connectors for sturdy construction as well as multi-part clamps that do not require tight tolerances.