clamp down

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repress or suppress (something regarded as undesirable)

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It is not acceptable, it is not something that they should be doing and we will clamp down on it.
Last November we reported how multiple cars with 'for sale' notices were being left on main roads but nothing has been done to clamp down on it.
This excellent new partnership will also help Ghana clamp down on tax evasion and reclaim millions of pounds in lost revenue.
a) Use Aluminum solid bar ( 2S AL) for fabrication of clamp down container
We are legislating to clamp down on abuses to ensure people get a fair deal.
We support Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker's bid to clamp down on these drugs.
Instead of ordering the bank to clamp down on lending, the FSA farmed out a review to accountants KPMG, who were HBOS's own auditor and then gave the all-clear.
wa bosse Bank Th regu Fina faili banTh The commission also attacked regulators at the now-scrapped Financial Services Authority for failing to clamp down on the bank's risky lending binge.
Continuing to seek avenues to circumvent international sanctions, Iran is hoping to sign a new contract for increased gas exports to Turkey, according to local media, and could take ships in payment following a clamp down on the previous scheme depending on gold.
Benefits clamp down - pages 6&7 NOBODY likes to see abuse of the benefits system and good strides have been made in clamping down on the cheats.
THE Government has just announced new plans to overhaul the regulation of bailiffs to clamp down on bad practice.
Summary: The Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate will carry out a traffic law enforcement campaign to clamp down on vehicles with expired registration
China's moves to clamp down on diesel exports come at a bad time for Asian buyers of the transport fuel, sapping supplies just as demand rises to meet summer demand from tractors and air conditioners.
BLACKPOOL Council is reportedly to clamp down on those rogue landlords who deliberately break the law over safety issues.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Director General of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) General Ashraf Rifi demanded on Thursday taht traffic police reinforce the implementation of traffic laws and clamp down on violations.