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Synonyms for clamouring

loud and persistent outcry from many people

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The rally was organised by the hardline wing of the Southern Movement which is clamouring for the renewed independence of the south, 20 years after a civil war ended with its occupation by northern troops.
Summary: Jeffrey Tambor has joined the chorus of cast members clamouring for an Arrested Development movie.
Speaking on the Feast of the Holy Family, the thought occurred: If the family is the basic building block of society--and it is--perhaps we should be clamouring for, and championing a new charter of rights.
The film the throng was clamouring to see was Uruj, an Afghan epic about brave mujahedeen taking on the Soviets.
San Francisco - A nationwide poll of Catholic opinion, commissioned by the Catholic World Report and carried out by the Roper Center, has demolished the notion that American Catholics are clamouring for so-called inclusive language.