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Synonyms for clamour

Synonyms for clamour

loud and persistent outcry from many people

utter or proclaim insistently and noisily

make loud demands


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For some of these politicians, however, the clamour for the presidency is one alternative way of seeking to remain politically relevant after the 2022 General Election.
The rising clamour in the Coast regarding the region producing its own 2022 presidential candidate, should be understood in this context.
More than 5,000 desperate jobhunters clamoured for just 275 roles at a new Tesco store in the Midlands.
In the eight weeks since Broadchurch started on ITV, that clamour has been quelled.
That clamour speaks of the pain caused by austerity, whose politics and economics are struggling to retain much of the support that sustained them at the outset.
It was unusual for there to be a such a clamour for a young boy to play.
I make this comment because projects in the public sector seem to be immune to the clamour. I am thinking of major buildings being constructed now or very recently constructed such as the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bournville College and our new library in the city.
Iranian state radio said Soltanieh criticized "fabricated Western clamour" about the facility: "This Western approach will have a negative impact on Iran s negotiations with the 5+1 countries," he was quoted as saying, referring to the six powers.
IT seems to me that in all the clamour surrounding the so-called World Club Football Championship in Brazil, the poverty in that stricken country has been forgotten.
'The governor is resolved that whatever is the clamour of the people is his clamour.
A vote to take the UK out of the EU could result in a "clamour" for another referendum on Scottish independence, according to the First Minister.
I'd further add that the point put forward by Paul Dale ('Clamour grows for city mayor', Post, August 16), that "53 per cent supported the idea" (in 2001), is, at best, extremely misleading.
The oppressive regime banned cinema - and the clamour to get in proved just how unpopular that ruling must have been.
FA spokesman Steve Double declined to join the clamour for blood-letting...yet.
I predict that if another referendum is called and it returns the same result as the last one, those who clamoured for it will still not be satisfied.