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Synonyms for clamor

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

offensively loud and insistent utterances, especially of disapproval

a loud, deep, prolonged sound

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

Synonyms for clamor

a loud harsh or strident noise

Related Words

loud and persistent outcry from many people

make loud demands


Related Words

utter or proclaim insistently and noisily

compel someone to do something by insistent clamoring

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Out of the 532 political prisoners in the country, Clamor said 44 are elderly, 61 are women, 118 are sickly, five were minors when they were arrested and 10 are peace consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF.)
Between Lebanon and Iran there is the clamor of the parliamentary elections here, and the presidential ones there; insults here and promises there, alongside a race over the post-election bazaar awaiting the Obama-Khamenei dialogue.
El Clamor Publico was funded through subscriptions and advertisements (two dollars for ten lines).
Their habitat off-limits to human recreation and industry, four-legged, winged, and exoskeleton-clad creatures clamor to the branches and mud in preference to the strip malls and gas stations nearby.
When delegations from countries eager to forge trade pacts with the United States come to Washington, Thomas is the man they clamor to see.
Now, an experiment using artificial reefs at Australia's Lizard Island has tested the idea that the clamor of other reef creatures attracts the youngsters.
exports of copper scrap, a group of red metals production and fabrication companies continues to clamor for government attention.
Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide, including AT&T WorldNet, Microsoft Corp's WebTV, Britain's BT Openworld, and Japan's Nifty, are betting consumers will clamor for voice and video e-mails.
Translated by Khaled Mattawa, who also provides a fourteen-page introduction that balances critical assessment with biographical detail, the poems of Youssef remind us of the importance of listening to the thoughts of one individual, a rare opportunity in a time when dissenting voices are often drowned out in the clamor of news bites.
Under ordinary circumstances, Ashcroft could easily shrug off this new clamor by arguing that the proposed measures are constitutionally suspect and would have done nothing to stop the September 11 attacks.
"Those programs sold out," said Adams, "and there was a hue and cry from the community to focus on Latin America." AmericArtes, also curated by Adams, is the Kennedy Center's response to that clamor.
And if taken to the extreme, public input can become public clamor - not to be equated with public comment.
But what about this rumpled bed, this nuisance rash across my skin, this cartilage-torn knee, and all the clash and clamor I encounter as I leave this room?