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As our patients were sedated, we could not evaluate other adverse effects of NAC such as drowsiness, clamminess, and chest tightness.
There may be feelings of fluctuating fevers and chills, sweating and clamminess, though no fever is subjectively evident.
Merino wool buffers your body against extremes of heat and cold, breathes to prevent clamminess, resists odour for weeks, and protects against sun and fire.
These high angle shots work to emphasise Donna's paralysis whilst the natural lighting emphasises the bags under her eyes, the pallor and clamminess of her skin as she sighs and pushes back her hair.
Our conclusion was not to the general level of clamminess but possibly to the humidity levels inside a house.
Emotion modulates almost all modes of human communication--facial expression, gestures, posture, tone of voice, choosing of words, respiration, skin temperature and clamminess, etc.
Signs and symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage Signs Symptoms Systolic pressure, Anxiety [greater than or equal to] 90 mm Hg Restlessness Pulse, [greater than or equal to] 110 beats per Tachypnea minute Narrow pulse Dizziness pressure Hunger for air Coldness and clamminess Confusion Pale appearance Oliguria or anuria
And once again, he feels the clamminess that oozed from the pores of face and body skin.
Mungee, during his address also gave information the atypical signs and symptoms of heart disease in women , which include, Shortness of breath, often without any chest pain, feelings of anxiety, unexplained fatigue, weakness or dizziness, pain in chest, upper back, shoulders, neck or jaw, flu-like symptoms-specifically nausea, clamminess or cold sweats.
So watching Channel Four's Three In A Bed - basically Come Dine With Me, except with B&Bs - brought a slight clamminess to the shirt on my back as the owners of various seaside establishments went round each other's gaffs, ran their snooker ref white gloves along the dado rail for dust and bitchily slagged off the decor.
He seizes my hands, sheepishly apologizing for their clamminess. After stumbling and glancing a few times over his shoulder at the instructor, Felix picks up the basic six-step.
Side effects may include temporary blindness, nausea, sweating, clamminess, palpitations, stuttering, and rapid drop in IQ.
Insofar as touch is concerned a nurse can obtain many clues about a person's condition by just touching his skin (for example, temperature, clamminess, dryness, sensitivity, etc.).
Sheila Barr explained that her daughter - an asthmatic who suffered from mental illness - had grown increasingly ill over a period of two weeks and symptoms included blue lips and clamminess.