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a cookout at the seashore where clams and fish and other foods are cooked--usually on heated stones covered with seaweed

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Essex, MA, April 20, 2018 --( Essex Clambake, LLC proudly announced a partnership with to now provide live lobsters, chowder and so much more delivered right to your door.
Held every spring at Lincoln Center, Ming's Clambake bears the official name of Stage Design Portfolio Review.
Pierre, a contractor with Lobisser Building Corp., has been doing business with Koopman Lumber for the past seven years and has been to most of the clambakes. He says that it can be hard to keep up with everything going on in the building industry, since he spends most of the time out of the office working at jobsites.
At the summerhouse named Fish Hook, "week-ends meant family clambakes on the beach, hoisting the American flag on the knoll near the house, and excursions to the big rock at Indian Hill, reputedly the site of an Indian dancing field." The view from atop the rock encompassed both sides of the island seeing "rocky vineyard shores and wild, dramatic boulders strewn with stones that rumble when the ocean breaks over them...
Ocean Edge has its own 18-hole golf course (being renovated by Nicklaus Design), bike trails, tennis courts, swimming pools and private beach (where clambakes are held).
There are also many special theme nights, such as a holiday season gathering, a Caribbean night featuring karaoke, and clambakes. "When there is a theme night, decorations, music, apparel, and menu items reflect the theme, and there may be contests and awards for costumes," Coco adds.
Return to the lesbian mothership (just in time for New England's picture-perfect fall weather) for a week of beachside clambakes, wet T-shirt contests and tea dances at dusk.
Without even alluding to clambakes or graduations or dockside robberies, Wheeldon manages to distill the essence of Carousel: the magnetic attraction between a tough carnival roustabout and a prim factory girl in the whirl of a New England summer.
The photograph has an innocence once referred to by John Steinbeck, which reflected an emergent America of clambakes, blue skies and summer hammocks on the lawn at midnight.
Other highlights of the book include a Great Wine Made Simple (another Immer book) mini-course on tasting wines, and the Cuisine Complements chapter, which suggests wine for picnics to Chinese dinners to clambakes.
This article (part I) reviews the range, biology, and ecology of quahogs, gives an historical overview of the industry (including wampum manufacture and usage and the use of quahogs in clambakes), and describes harvesting gears and methods.
Yet it's not all New England town meetings and clambakes. In May, a reporter for another paper was frisked by police while doing an interview on the side of the road.
regions getting more popular are the Chesapeake Bay foods, including crab and seafood, and New England-style cooking - which is more than just clambakes, lobster and seafood.
It was fun, a string of parties, living room meetings, weekend clambakes, friendships.
People in the New England area have clambakes for social reasons.