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a cookout at the seashore where clams and fish and other foods are cooked--usually on heated stones covered with seaweed

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Woodman goes on to say "Joe Bowab's experience and presentation of his product at LobsterAnywhere is second to none and is synonymous with the same great quality and service we have here at Essex Clambake."
South Coast Clambake Jazz Festival Day Trip - Ages 18 and older.
When I confronted him about why he thought diving in a dumpster was an appropriate camp activity, he demanded indignantly, "How else do you expect me to get any real Maine food around here?" His Carousel recording included a song about a wonderful Maine clambake. He was quickly forgiven and sent to the showers.
In lieu of a formal rehearsal dinner on the eve of the wedding the groom's parents hosted a New England-style clambake in the garden of a private residence in Martha's Vineyard.
Barbara Ross, author of the Maine Clambake mystery series (whimsically titled "Clammed Up,'' "Boiled Over'' and the upcoming "Musseled Out'') is co-publisher/editor at Level Best Books, an anthology of crime and mystery stories by New England authors, and blogs on mysteries at
The annual Adult Video drink-as-much-as-possible- while- wearing-as-little-as-possible clambake wasn't due in at the Hard Rock until Thursday.
Direct marketing industry veteran Jay Huling was presented with this honor by CPC president Glenn Tyler during CPC's annual Direct Marketing Super Conference Clambake, held this year at the Casa Monica Hotel in St.
The day was culminated by a lobster/ clambake at the Saco home of tournament chairman Jim Prendergast and his wife, Eve, attended by 45 people, including former Maine resident Doug Woods, who flew in from Eugene, OR., to play and to "room" on the Prendergast fishing boat.
One student in each design area (scenery, costumes, lighting, and sound) has been invited to attend the Ming Cho Lee "Clambake" and the Prague Quadrennial International Design Festival held once every four years.
And he's standing in line at a clam bake?' If you looked at that scenario 20 years ago, that guy certainly wouldn't be at a clambake a week later."
While this fusion of teacher/designer has produced some excellent skill training in top-tier programs, as the excellence of the portfolios at the Clambake testified, it has also created some very real problems for the field.
Sure, the surf beckons, but you'll also find visitors canoodling around a gorgeous communal fire pit (the site of a giant clambake during their Pride), finding solace in the outdoor garden and culling through books in the library.
This was followed by a traditional clambake and oyster feast (cooked hangi style on the beach).
The Narragansett Brewing Company has produced a Limited Edition "Clambake Can" for its award-winning revivalist lager.
I mean, how lucky can you get, of all the matches to go to extra-time in this South African clambake it had to be the one you wouldn't rush home to see.