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Synonyms for clamant

conspicuously and offensively loud

demanding attention

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The clamant should be asked whether he or she read about the disorder before seeing the physician.
Our evacuation model investigates a comparatively less clamant emergency situation, such as slight toxic gas leak.
The amendments clarify which parties are entitled to service op any such objection and the service address of the clamant. Also, the objector man now utilize the negative notice procedure
Ils tenaient une longue banderole clamant "Liberte aux prisonniers du 6 mai" et "Pour votre et notre liberte".
Abdul Rauf Mengal (BNP) and Maulana Qamaruddin are clamant of enjoying lead on Na 269.
He advised against interference with the freedom of women to control their fertility, and proposed instead that improved housing, assistance for mothers, better medical services and greater economic security were "clear and clamant lines for reform" if women were to expand their families.
Pendant que Giscard d'Estaing voyageait en Russie, et decorait le tombeau de Lenine avec des fleurs (il etait le seul chef d'Etat occidental a le faire) en clamant la necessite d'une detente dans la competition idEologique, le vent du changement soufflait, les annees '70 etant ceux de la decouverte de la litterature de dissidence par l'intellighentsia francaise (21).
Aussi soudainement nue que manquante, comme devisagee et brutalement la, sans autre visage que cet amas de gue-nilles textuelles, a ses pieds, clamant sa nudite, clamant son insupportable nudite de chose, appelant sa visibilite, sa divinite, son existence.
Although I do not dismiss outright the concept of a claim for ancillary relief based on mentorship I would have thought that save in the most clamant case (which I am having difficulty in imagining) it would be hard to establish and in any event would require clear evidence of cause and effect.
COURT'S OPINION: The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirmed the decision of the Board finding the clamant was guilty of wilful misconduct.
Num alio genere furiarum declamatores inquietantur, qui clamant: "Haec vulnera pro libertate publica excepi ; hunc oculum pro vobis impendi; date mihi [ducem] qui me ducat ad liberos meos, nam succisi poplites membra non sustinent?" Haec ipsa tolerabilia essent, si ad eloquentiam ituris viam facerent.
This lesbian literary representation has thus offered a corrective to more clamant activist and academic claims for the uncommodified purity of lesbianism; and, also writing somewhat against the grain of these claims, numerous lesbian critics have traced the complexities of the representation of the lesbian bar, not only in fiction but also in cinema (Barale, Hamer, Hankin, Jay, King).