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Synonyms for clairvoyant

Synonyms for clairvoyant

someone who has the power of clairvoyance

Related Words

perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses

foreseeing the future

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Season 1 Episode 13 Spoilers: Team Unveils the Mystery of Clairvoyant, 'Thor's' Lady Sif to Enter
Mum-of-one Jillian, who claims to be a "natural" clairvoyant whose readings are "eerily accurate", told Wales on Sunday how she inherited her mystic abilities from her paternal grandmother.
Coun Richard Hobbs, the council's portfolio holder for community safety, said: "If you have ever PHONEY 'clairvoyants' are conning vulnerable Warwickshire people by promising to send them cheques and 'luck rings' in return for cash.
People claiming to be clairvoyants are conning vulnerable Midland residents by promising to send them cheques and "luck rings" in return for cash, watchdogs have revealed.
Pearson advertised her services on a psychic website and described herself as "an excellent psychic clairvoyant".
Wow, I can only assume that you must be a clairvoyant, or similar.
Pullman is unconvinced, until she accompanies Vicky to see the clairvoyant in question - and Sebastian surprises her with some very astute comments about her newly discovered half-brother Tom.
What is a clairvoyant? Clairvoyance is a term given to describe the act of clear sight.
A range of healers and readers will be offering low-cost taster sessions in reiki and angelic Reiki, reflexology, zimbate healing, crystal therapy, colour therapy, Indian head massage, henna tattooing, angel card readings, clairvoyant and tarot readings.
Q I'M four months pregnant and I went with my friend to see a clairvoyant. She's seen this woman since her mum died and says she is always spot on.
Clairvoyant 1281 series outdoor cameras feature MPEG-4 ASP, L5 hardware compression, two-way audio, and streaming video.
The North East circuit turned to a clairvoyant in their latest efforts to raise cash for their branch of the RGT.
As a child, Steiner professed to be clairvoyant and to be able to follow the "further journeys" of those who had died.
CLAIRVOYANT Schalke coach Ralf Rangnick must have known he was about to be sacked after saying he would stand down at the end of the season because he was"sick of the political shenanigans" at the club.
The 13 subjects range from author Sarah Orne Jewett, explorer Josephine Peary, and politician Margaret Chase Smith to a botanist, reformer, clairvoyant, basket maker, nun, lighthouse keeper, and sportswoman.