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A variety of techniques were developed to study not only basic psychic experiences of telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition but the more complex phenomenon of spirit contact.
The Oracle of Delphi was very accurate and specific in remote viewing (clairvoyance), but was vague at precognition or predicting the future.
Lectoplasmie et la clairvoyance [Ectoplasmy and clairvoyance].
Grace's mama shares her daughter's clairvoyance, but the depression that's been weighing on her since her sixth child's birth, coupled with lingering grief over the loss of Grace's twin brother, Isaac, keeps her spirit locked away.
In a no-expense-spared act of clairvoyance and with the help of Conwy farmer and Welsh Rural Community Champion Llyr Jones, the pair raced head to head to give their predictions - via the medium of food!
He should also be pretty good at spotting a bluff, as he later shows off his clairvoyance skills, and still finds time to take to the streets to amaze members of the public with his sleight of hand.
Finkiel's project has been gestating for more than a decade, and thus has no actual connection with November's tragic Paris events, yet the mind makes inevitable parallels, and predicting how "A Decent Man" will play at home would require an impossible act of clairvoyance.
Any evening of clairvoyance is for entertainment purposes and results are not guaranteed.
L' Emir du Qatar Cheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani a salue la sagesse et la clairvoyance de Sa Majeste le Roi Mohammed VI, ainsi que les grandes reformes initiees par le Souverain dans differents domaines.
Alexandra Chauran's CLAIRVOYANCE FOR BEGINNERS: EASY TECHNIQUES TO ENHANCE YOUR PSYCHIC VISION (9780738739151, $13.99) covers the steps needed to move from clairvoyant beginner to expert, and provides an instructional that shows how to get started and how to enhance clairvoyance with eyes open or closed.
The woman then revealed the source of her clairvoyance - her sleepwalking husband who she confronted and asked for a prediction.
Guest speaker on July 12 will be international medium Robert Adamson of Stirlingshire, who has over 30 years' experience, and he will give a demonstration of clairvoyance. Meetings are open to all and admission is PS2 including a free raffle.
Malcolm Roberts will host an evening of clairvoyance at the Brooklands Grange Hotel on Holyhead Road from 7.30pm.
Colin Davies, from Cwmdare, and his wife Mia, who regularly host clairvoyance evenings at the Four Seasons Spiritualist Centre in Hirwaun, organised the event which more than 90 people attended.