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Synonyms for claimant

Synonyms for claimant

one who sets forth a claim to a royal title

one that makes a formal complaint, especially in court

Words related to claimant

someone who claims a benefit or right or title

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It pointed out that the purported claimants were classified into three subclasses according to the basis of their claims namely, torture, summary execution and disappearance victims.
A Universal Credit claimant may still be sanctioned if they do not have good reason for leaving a zero-hour contract job voluntarily.
All claimants are asked to review them closely prior to preparing claims.
The Claimant filed an application stating that the Court of Cassation omitted to award the Applicant certain substantive relief in Cassation Appeal No.
Especially in chapter 5, we glimpse the SOGI refugee claimant as a particular kind of homonationalist subject, who coheres around very specific registrations of potentiality and precarity and who is fetishized within the ritual of the hearing.
Under these new conditions, "it is important to again examine claimant experience and explore whether the insurance that claimants purchased is working for them," LifePlans analysts write in their study.
Sufficient proof may not be found to deny the claim, or a judge may decide to overlook what the adjuster thinks is solid evidence of fraud and make an award to the claimant anyway.
The JDEK had publicly invited Claimants to submit their claims against AHAB by 21 July.
Ms Haworth " The February 15 figures for each county show the number of claimants still waiting for payment is as follows | Wrexham - 93 out of 351 claimants (26.
The final rules emphasize that it is the claimant's responsibility to inform the SSA or submit to it evidence relating to whether or not the claimant is blind or disabled.
This early investigation strategy increases the likelihood of capturing information showing a claimant at baseline levels, depicting the existence or severity of preexisting conditions or property damage, or sharing immediate post-incident activities that may belie future allegations.
ACROSS Britain more than a million jobseekers, including more than 56,000 in Wales, have signed up to a Claimant Commitment meaning they need to do more to find work or face losing their benefits.
6) Under this statutory scheme, the defendant admits liability, and the arbitration process is used solely to determine damages to be awarded to the claimant.
After being 'sanctioned' the claimant has to apply for a hardship allowance of reduced payments.