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a system of biological taxonomy based on the quantitative analysis of comparative data and used to reconstruct cladograms summarizing the (assumed) phylogenetic relations and evolutionary history of groups of organisms

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Remarkably, some cladists have understood the union of numerical
Continual improvement of phylogenetic hypotheses and associated improvements in nomenclature to reflect that increased knowledge is advocated by Practicing Cladists.
Because DNA-DNA hybridization produces obligate distance data, many systematists, particularly cladists, deny the utility of the method as a means of estimating phylogenetic relationships (e.
Cladists, on the other hand, distinguish between two types of similarity - those that are derived through descent from a common ancestor (synapomorphies), and those representing retained ancestral characters (symplesiomorphies) - and argue that only the former count as evidence when assessing degrees of relatedness.
Polyphyletic species are abhorrent to cladists - this was set up as a rule to eliminate polyphyly caused by improper classification and taxonomy, but polyphyly is also caused by hybridization and introgression of traits from one species to others, including sister clades.
Cladists, by contrast, in opting for phylogenetic criteria, assume that any adequate response to the species problem must make patterns of descent explicit.