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a group of biological taxa or species that share features inherited from a common ancestor

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Carolus is embedded in a clade comprising two Old World genera (Flabellariopsis and Hiptage) and two South American genera (Dicella and Tricomaria); it is not morphologically similar to either group (Davis & Anderson, 2010; Anderson et al.
fasciatus species and provide clear evidence for the presence of two differentiated clades.
The previous analyses suggested that the Speothos--Chrysocyon clade was more likely an artifact of MCs in the mtDNA data set.
There still remain the genera at the base of the entire phylogeny, clade N plus Holopercna to Sherifuria.
Previous studies have shown that such neutralizing antibodies can protect macaques from infection within one clade; but as more clades of the AIDS virus evolve, it has been unclear whether such antibodies could shield across different clades and prevent infection.
Buhay and Crandall (2005) identified a clade of four stygobitic crayfish species within the genus Orconectes.
Clade C1: [2:0 [right arrow] 1], [16:0 [right arrow] 1], [17:0 [right arrow] 1], [20:0 [right arrow] [right arrow] 1], [22: [right arrow] 1], [23:0 [right arrow] 1], [40:0 [right arrow] 1], [66:0 [right arrow] 1], [105:0 [right arrow] 1], [110:0 [right arrow] 1], [132:0 [right arrow] 1], [163:0 [right arrow] 1], [167:0 [right arrow] 1], [181:0 [right arrow] 1], [236:0 [right arrow] 1], [244:0 [right arrow] 1], [245:0 [right arrow] 1]
In applying these tests, we confirm that the monophyly criterion is met by the already established clade Crassostrea.
In this study, they were formed by 19 haplotypes, of which 3 (Turkish chickens, Clade E, haplotype 2 [TRE2], TRE3, and TRE4) were only found in Turkish native chickens, 15 haplotypes were only found in Iranian native chickens, and the one haplotype, Turkish and Iranian chickens, Clade E, haplotype 1 (TRIRE1), was in common.
According to these authors, the Ficinia clade comprises Desmoschoenus Hook, fi, Ficinia Schrad.
Pythium is recently subdivided on the basis of molecular data, into 10 phylogenetic major clades numbered from A to J, if clade K were excepted as a separate genus recently named Phytopythium.
This data was obtained for each species and clade and tested in relation to general averages using ANOVA to species comparison and t test to clades.