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a group of biological taxa or species that share features inherited from a common ancestor

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Previous studies could not place cloning Oreaster larvae in a known clade because the juveniles of Oreaster sp.
meningitidis US nongroupable urethritis clade. Given its potential to cause invasive disease, more studies are needed to increase our understanding and to inform control and prevention measures.
Moderate to strong support exists for the monophyly of a major clade (BP 78%, BS 86%, PP 0,88) consisting of two strongly supported sister subclades: (1) a Khaosokia + Cariceae + Dulichieae + Scirpeae + Sumatroscirpeae (CDS) clade (BP 86%, BS 90%, PP 0.88); and (2) a Fuireneae + Abildgaardieae + Eleocharideae + Cypereae (FAEC) clade (BP 78%, BS 94%, PP 1.00).
Neighbour joining (NJ) tree clustered eight populations into three clades. Network analysis revealed that two (Hap1-Hap 9) haplotypes appeared in six and four populations respectively.
The highest intraclade pairwise distance reaches 6.65% in Phyllopezus pollicaris Clade VII and 4.4% in P.
hahnii (dated to approximately 90,000 years ago (ya)), and the two oldest supported nodes in both clades (Clade A, 18,000 ya and Clade B, 27,000 ya) date to the most recent Quaternary glaciation.
In applying these tests, we confirm that the monophyly criterion is met by the already established clade Crassostrea.
The FvbZIP genes clustered in the same clade showed different tissue-specific expression patterns.
In the Ctenoides scaber clade, four variations in tentacle coloration were observed: solid red tentacles (n = 5, Figure 3(a)), red tentacles with white stripes (n = 2, Figure 3(b)), white tentacles with red stripes (n = 4, Figure 3(c)), and solid white tentacles (n = 3, Figure 3(d)).
Clade A was found in three chickens from Iranian chicken population (White Marandi, New Hampshire, and Common Breed) under this study.
Pythium is recently subdivided on the basis of molecular data, into 10 phylogenetic major clades numbered from A to J, if clade K were excepted as a separate genus recently named Phytopythium.
This data was obtained for each species and clade and tested in relation to general averages using ANOVA to species comparison and t test to clades.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 30, 2016-GeoVax secures NIH grant for HIV vaccine development to prevent clade C HIV in developing world