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civilian garb as opposed to a military uniform

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Alex Polizzi, centre, with veterans Lee, Philip, Stuart and Shaun who are all struggling to find employment on Civvy Street
There's more to fitting a person for life back in civvy street; yes courses or training credits are part of that but it's fitting their minds and souls back to an existence that is not the closeted one they have experienced in the armed forces is just as important.
civvy ty Filmof Davy is set up on a night out with Yonnne (Antonia the week Thomas) the English friend of his sister Liz (Freya Mavor).
I did two more Far East Trips on this, trooping Liverpool to Bombay via Suez before signing off on December 31, 1946 and going back to Civvy Street.
MILLIONS of forces veterans face missing out on vital support when they return to Civvy Street because officials do not know where they live, council leaders have warned.
Few of them were still Teds back in civvy street, having left their Tony Curtis and DA haircuts on the floor of their training camp barber Sweeney Todd.
Forget the champers, if she really is serious about dating a down-to-earth civvy, a glass of the house white and you paying for her go on the fruit machine could do the trick.
Tesco has launched a scheme to recruit ex-mih'tary personnel and help them adjust to life on Civvy Street.
1949), 3-4; New York Times, June 22, October 30, 1946; Mary Tremblay, "Going Back to Civvy Street: A Historical Account of the Impact of the Everest and Jennings Wheelchair for Canadian World War II Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury," Disability and Society 11:2 (1996), 165.
Today, even in a work or school environment on civvy street, hordes of psychiatrists, counselors, and other do-gooders descend on the scene.
Darren has been the biggest faller on both City and Sporting's lines, having come within a few pokes of a telephone button of packing his designer gear and marching back to Civvy Street.
And glad you don't have to pretend to work again back in Easy Street - sorry, Civvy Street.
I can tell Mr Benton that if I had found out that Nigel Farage's job in civvy street had been that of lowlypaid road sweeper my thanks to him would have been equally loud and equally sincere.
ARMY Vets struggling to return to Civvy Street have received a massive PS171,288 boost.