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Synonyms for civvies

civilian garb as opposed to a military uniform

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Do you do a straight swap, civvies (civilian clothes) for pjs?
Most of us civvies couldn't care less about scheduling, we're just annoyed we have to choose which to watch and which to record.
In his memoirs, With My Little Eye, he tells of a meeting between a mystery man in civvies and a key naval ocer in a Portsmouth pub.
A good Grand National meant a promise of ice cream and a Sunday walk with my father to a hut at the back of a chicken run and a queue of blokes collecting winnings, with our local beat bobby - in civvies - an occasional customer.
To note, Heritage Party's representatives have repeatedly stated that people in police uniforms and civvies were video recording
HE MAY have arrived in civvies but he remains the PNP chief.
Some 30,000 fighters were deployed all over the province, in addition to 4,000 others in civvies and 5,000 from the Quick Response Department (QRD), anti-riot police personnel and 2,000 policewomen for inspection purposes," Maj.
The IGP directed police officers to take effective precautionary measures, especially in the crowded public places, to prevent incidents of terrorism and subversion and ordered deployment of policemen in civvies where necessary.
But while Ronan (or Roaming as I've renamed him, as in roaming eye) poshed it up in first class, Sir Tompreferred to slum it in economy with the rest of us civvies.
Staffed by 20 Army recruiters, some in civvies, it's open to visitors of all ages.
Jakob (left) and Joshua McDougal in civvies, and (below) Jakob (left) and Joshua in uniform.
and the civvies as pig-ignorant and poverty-stricken.
But it's not always civvies in uniforms who have an inflated sense of self-importance.
Comparing Hampson's young, green soldier with the war-wise former Flying Fortress pilot in Rockwell's 1945 picture Tight Civvies (left center) pretty much tells the story of many veterans who came home from World War II.