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Synonyms for civvies

civilian garb as opposed to a military uniform

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Some 30,000 fighters were deployed all over the province, in addition to 4,000 others in civvies and 5,000 from the Quick Response Department (QRD), anti-riot police personnel and 2,000 policewomen for inspection purposes," Maj.
The IGP directed police officers to take effective precautionary measures, especially in the crowded public places, to prevent incidents of terrorism and subversion and ordered deployment of policemen in civvies where necessary.
The fire service seemed a good option because it wasn't a conventional civvies job and it had a bit of excitement as well.
But it's not always civvies in uniforms who have an inflated sense of self-importance.
Comparing Hampson's young, green soldier with the war-wise former Flying Fortress pilot in Rockwell's 1945 picture Tight Civvies (left center) pretty much tells the story of many veterans who came home from World War II.
He said: 'I am hard and abrasive but have to be because they are civvies and it's the only way to get discipline into them.
Anyone who surveys the evening yak shows--where the Ashleighs and the Geraldos have traded in their civvies for camo wear--has a strong sense of what Bray is talking about.
Any expected sense of remoteness and isolation - of other-worldliness - is quickly dispelled on meeting the abbey's young, vigorous and quick-witted bursar Father Albert Schlick, a monk who dresses in civvies for the outside world, drives around at high speed, uses a mobile phone and speaks fluent English.
But soon - on ``30 June,'' as Hoppe says in military-speak - he will trade his uniform for civvies.
Today's Forest Service timber cops, aged 28-51, usually wear civvies.
It got so daft that soldiers who'd been wounded and discharged wore the Silver War Badge, which didn't stop the septic sisterhood challenging men in civvies who were soldiers home on leave.
With shows like Breaking Bad (far left), our own Downton Abbey (left) and Orange Is The New Black up for gongs, we can't predict who's going to win big, but we're pretty sure the servants' civvies and prison scrubs won't be making an appearance.
Besides, the officials in civvies and patrolling teams of Police, Frontier Corps would also keep patrolling across the city round the clock.
Hundreds of policemen in uniform as well as civvies were deployed to check any miscreants among the visitors who were allowed entry from the walkthrough gates and metal detectors.