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in a civil manner


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Then who knows but the gentleman, anticipating our objection to play for love, civilly desired to play for money?
The captain, like a well-bred man, had, before marriage, always given up his opinion to that of the lady; and this, not in the clumsy awkward manner of a conceited blockhead, who, while he civilly yields to a superior in an argument, is desirous of being still known to think himself in the right.
On the present occasion she addressed herself chiefly to Miss Crawford and Fanny, but there was no comparison in the willingness of their attention; for Miss Crawford, who had seen scores of great houses, and cared for none of them, had only the appearance of civilly listening, while Fanny, to whom everything was almost as interesting as it was new, attended with unaffected earnestness to all that Mrs.
Rushworth, civilly taking the hint and following them.
But it's time these manners ceased," I continued; "and I mean you shall henceforth speak civilly of my King and my good friends the Campbells.
She received me very civilly, and with her usual obliging manner told me she would not have the less respect for me for my being reduced; that she had taken care my boy was very well looked after, though I could not pay for him, and that the woman that had him was easy, so that I needed not to trouble myself about him till I might be better able to do it effectually.
desires the favour of her to take the two children in; poor lady, she will be undone, their house is all of a flame,' They took the children in very civilly, pitied the family in distress, and away came I with my bundle.
You will make my excuses, my dear, as civilly as possible.
after their manner, as we shall describe in its proper place) between his hoof and pastern; I took it in my hand, and, having smelt it, returned it to him again as civilly as I could.
In contemplation of Rickmans impending release from custody on numerous child sex-crime convictions, the Commonwealth petitioned to have Rickman civilly committed.
4 that their statement was in response to some bishops' conferences issuing norms and guidelines that foresee the possibility of a divorced and civilly remarried Catholic returning to the sacraments.
1, 2012, can be held civilly liable, said Bogenberger family attorney Peter Coladarci.
Unlike all other states, mentally ill people in New Hampshire who have been civilly committed to the state psychiatric hospital can be transferred to the State Prison for Men's Secure Psychiatric Unit just a few miles away in Concord even if they haven't been charged with or convicted of a crime.
The Massachusetts Department of Correction (DOC) intends to administer a future Request for Response (RFR), projected to be released on or about September 2017, for a comprehensive program of medical, dental and mental health services for all inmates and civilly committed persons, male and female, held at all DOC facilities or otherwise committed to the care and custody of the DOC.