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The essays profile specific figures and incidents such as William Mason and Robert Rundle, Bishop Anderson, the Sayer Trial, Governor George Simpson's civilizing mission, the 1857 Parliamentary Select Committee, and the Red River Metis.
The core chapters of the book then look at harm in the context of global ethics, international relations theory, the sociology of the civilizing process, historical sociology, and, finally, English School writing on comparative state systems.
Dan Moos argues that Micheaux chooses a "pioneer over [a] racial identity" and "subordinates almost all issues of race to those of a progressive and civilizing frontier" (358, 360).
The confluence--or at least the alternation--of sex and speech is a civilizing condition.
Mann argues that 'to pave the way for the civilizing mission, protagonists basically concurred on the subject, differing only in its means'.
And the public response is encouraging--since the new route opened, passenger numbers have been well in excess of expectations, proof of the civilizing potential of good design for the everyday.
The cult was central to Qing political culture, "making female virtue integral to imperial state building and the civilizing project that legitimated it (13).
CIVILIZING THE CITY DOG: A GUIDE TO REHABILITATING AGGRESSIVE DOGS IN AN URBAN ENVIRONMENT is a fine pick for city dwellers who old aggressive dogs in urban places.
What I will say, then, is simply this: global culture, or rather, global civilization, the global process of civilizing, if it exists and insofar as it exists, is obviously not "irrational," but it is inseparable from the emergence of the new form or new conception of rationality.
The civilizing process begins for us in childhood: Our parents make us relinquish the unlimited aggressiveness with which we are born.
Botero's understanding of the civilizing process operative in the New World comes to focus on three forces: the Christianizing with religion's inevitable and essential reinforcement of the political; the imperializing with the protective shield offered by the new global monarch to the heralds of the faith; and the city as the social and institutional structure for the nurturing of settled living.
Facing reelection in 2004, the Russian president has the opportunity to win again, this time based on progress in civilizing Russia and striving to bring it up to European standards.
Spenser and Davies simply do not envisage a prosperity that is not the fruit of productive labor - which is to say that, unlike the ancients, they equate the civilizing process with the rise of the bourgeoisie.
He and others like him saw it as the duty of free black men in America to take up the task of civilizing the African.
African American settlements in West Africa; John Brown Russwurm and the American civilizing efforts.