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Synonyms for civilize

Synonyms for civilize

to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

Synonyms for civilize

teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment

raise from a barbaric to a civilized state


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Calder categorizes women of the Western as civilizers or spunky types who must be tamed (170), but Maria and Mrs.
Between the two world wars a branch of the escapees, in this case even worse than the civilizers, was able to coerce the latter into a temporary alliance.
including the fact that he conceived of the British as civilizers rather
What Canadian prime minister said, "I am satisfied the best civilizers are missionaries.
It reinforced our gender stereotypes of women as nurturers and civilizers, and men as restless fighters and dreamers.
When other people flow to Africa, they come as explorers, missionaries, slave traders, imperial civilizers, investors, aid workers, consultants, sealers, and tourists.
While a little coercion was called for in some variants, and some potential recipients of civilization already lived in European colonies, the balance of duty lay with the civilizers.
Most important, this new work aims, in the spirit of radical feminist practice, at a critique of the complicity of history-writing in the production and the maintenance of ideologies heretofore understood as imperial--especially with respect to the originary status of the nation, a status made possible by imagining Britain as the "mother country" and "her" citizens as benign civilizers concerned only with bringing the "natural" social order to "natives.
In My Antonia the image of the plow against the sun evokes Virgil, while the settlers from the Eastern United States and immigrants from Europe are viewed as the "original" civilizers of this Edenic, trackless place.
The promotion of a Todo noble to "king" of all Manggarai was a logical historical development in the minds of many in Manggarai, but from the perspective of the indigenous people who live in the dalu territory called Todo, the Todo royal clan's ancestors were not civilizers but conquerors, not the creators of adat but its destroyers.
The Normans this time were the marauders from the north, whereas in the English context they had been (at least according to historiographic legend) the civilizers from the south.
For this reason, profit (and it's necessary pre-conditions: robust sales and a healthy top line) is one of mankind's great civilizers.
Because it encouraged brutal forms of exploitation, including slavery, it was not long before the civilizing mission seemed to have no greater effect than that of barbarizing the civilizers.
When the conquest is actually completed and the civilizers follow, there is no more use for the conqueror, and he mourns that "the west is gone now.
Reading these accounts, Russians would have been able to see themselves as civilizers and liberators and to view gender relations in Russia (which had been deplored by the early Bolsheviks) as a highly progressive "European" model deserving of emulation by more "backward" peoples.