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Synonyms for civilize

Synonyms for civilize

to fit for companionship with others, especially in attitude or manners

Synonyms for civilize

teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment

raise from a barbaric to a civilized state


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However, for missionaries and civilisers such as those involved in the civilising project in South Australia, this was a hierarchy of cultural and moral development, rather than a hierarchy of biological development that was to become a widely accepted explanation of human difference during the second half of the century.
German atrocities against the Herreros in South West Africa (now Namibia); Japanese actions in Formosa (Taiwan); the hemp-kings of Yucatan and the slavery that had maintained Porfirio Diaz's long presidency in Mexico; reports about the US treatment of rebels in the Philippines -- all built up a picture of global atrocities committed by the so-called civilisers.
64) He praised the Irish for their early civilization: they were 'a people greatly superior to the real Celts in poetical genius, and in all mental endowments' who 'after their conversion to Christianity, became one of the most intellectual nations in Europe, and were the civilisers of a part of it'.
We will forever remember the injustice meted out to us by our so-called civilisers who shamelessly stole from us.
When other people flow into Africa, they come as explorers, missionaries, slave traders, imperial civilisers, investors, aid workers, consultants, settlers and tourists.