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Synonyms for civilised

having a high state of culture and development both social and technological


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marked by refinement in taste and manners

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There was no doubt that equitable provision of justice was essential for development of a country as an honourable and civilised nation in the world.
84% interest, in UK-based UK-based online-only bank Civilised Investments Ltd.
But if the civilised world does nothing, more children will become sacrificial lambs on the high altar of geopolitics.
The likes of Corbyn, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and legions of ordinary people urging the Tory Prime Minister to act now are the conscience of a civilised Britain.
However, he forgot to mention what a civilised, happy, law-abiding country Great Britain was in those days.
A civilised society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity
Indicate that the very foundations of the civilised world are at risk.
The campaign, labelled "Embracing APEC Wonderful Pekingese-Citizen Civilised Behaviour Promotion," also promises to crack down on jaywalking, drink driving and drivers refusing to stop at zebra crossings.
The move comes within the framework of the municipality's strategy aimed at protecting the civilised appearance of the Capital.
Please include your initials and where you live * THE Syrian people are getting killed and maimed in their hundreds and the western civilised and I repeat the word, supposedly, civilised world, are standing by, I wonder why.
Civilised people, the reader is told in the introduction, were urbane, civil, cultivated and refined.
PLANS to rebuild/re-engineer Grove Hill also present the council with a golden opportunity towards its older civilised tenants who simply ask for some peace.
It s true that some of Dubai's citizens (not all) are not always acting in a civilised manner, understandably due to the cosmopolitan nature of Dubai's population where people are coming from different cultures and conceptions not always at "western's civilized standards" however I have seen many "westerners" here in Dubai ALSO acting in uncivilizedA and indifferent manners relatively toA "eastern civilizedA standards" such as "kissing in public", "eating and smoking publicly during Ramadan time", 'being rude and snobbish with others" .
No civilised country should have the death penalty - but then, is America civilised?