civilian garb

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ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc

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The gunmen were dressed in civilian garb but could be elite troops from the Republican Guard or Saddam Hussein's security forces disguised in the flowing robes of the Gulf Arabs.
I caught him sneaking into the cinema in London's Leicester Square on Wednesday dressed in civilian garb, checking out the laughs.
Whether in faux eyelashes, a sequined jacket and kicking so high that her ankles reach her ears, or dressed in nondescript civilian garb while running mundane errands, a Rockette is a Rockette during every waking moment.
It has also said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam fighters - a group classified as a terrorist organisation by more than 30 countries - often dressed in civilian garb, making it unclear who was a combatant.
Heriberto Garcia, Baja California's human rights ombudsman, said that Hank Rhon had told him that armed men in hoods, some in civilian garb and others in military uniform, broke into the house and disarmed his security guards.
When wars erupt, we find officials taking off their civilian garb and returning to their sects, with the many visits they make to holy men.
The recruits' training officers, although experienced RUC members, will dress in civilian garb.
The officials, who were on leave, were in civilian garb and not carrying any arms when they were abducted.
The officials were in civilian garb, and on their way to Narayanpur.
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